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BS PAYONE - New Processor now available.

March 07 2018

We added BS PAYONE as new processor. Beside a huge set of payment method we also enabled the option to process accept payments via invoice and bank transfer where BS PAYONE manages the reconciliation of the invoices and auotmatically synchronizes paid invoices into the webshop. In combination with wallee, the PDF invoice will be created and sent to your client. Once the invoice is paid, BS PAYONE informs wallee and wallee informs the Shop about the paid invoice. This allows to achieve an automated reconciliation process for invoices or pre-payments like you with the Swiss ESR Integration (more information on this can be found in our recent BS PAYONE blogpost).

Beside invoice and bank transfer we integrated a vast list of additional payment methods like (Payolution, Credit Card, SEPA Direct Debits, etc). A complete list is visible in the BS PAYONE processor overview.