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New Feature - wallee Introdcues Debt Collection

March 14 2018

We are now able to fully support merchants in their billing process. walllee creates and delivers the invoice for merchants. Besides that wallee is able to manage the dunning process accoding the merchant's need. Simply configure the desired dunning level and costs. If the dunning process fails we do now support the debt collection process that allows automated management of the debt enforcement process. You have the option to manually manage the open debt collection cases or you can forward them to the integrated debt collectors.

At this stage you are able to forward your open invoices to Tilbago - a swiss based debt collection processor which will then legally proceed your claims. All you need is an active Tilbago account.

Debt collection cases can also be created over the API in case you want to use wallee only for debt collection. More information about the procedure can be read in the debt collection documentation.

More information about how to use debt collection in action can be found in our Blog.