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Create transactions through token

April 24 2018

Until today, it was not possible to control whether a token is created with the transaction or not. There were only the options to (1)create the token and assign it to the transaction during the creation of the transaction or (2)you could set this in the the configuration of the payment method which allowed to force the creation of a token along the transaction.

We changed this by introducing a new property called 'tokenizationMode' which allows to control the creation of the token along the transaction. The token mode accepts the following values:

  1. FORCE_CREATION: The transaction will create a new token. This implies that only payment methods are shown which support the tokenization.
  2. FORCE_CREATION_WITH_ONE_CLICK_PAYMENTS: The transaction will ensure that a token is linked to it. If possible, a token is presented to the customer based on the customerId provided on the transaction. The customer cannot decide to store the payment details. The created token will also be linked with this customer. In case no customer ID is provided, the behavior is the same as FORCE_CREATION.
  3. ALLOW_ONE_CLICK_PAYMENT: The transaction may use one-click payments when the customer ID is present. The customer can decide to store the payment details. If no customer ID is present, the behavior is the same as when no tokenizationMode and no token has been provided.