Debt Collection Feature

POSTED ON: March 26 2018

Debt Collection

Our developers worked on a new feature during the last weeks: Debt Collection. Every merchant connected to wallee that processes invoice can now manually or automatically create debt collection cases and send them automatically to all integrated debt collection processors like tilbago. This means wallee is now able to offer you the full invoice value chain from generating invoices, creating dunning flows including debt collection.

What is it about

The debt collection feature is the next step once all dunning levels failed. If the invoice is still unpaid after the last reminder, wallee will create a debt collection case automatically. You do now have the option to create a manual debt collection process with your local debt enforcement office or you use our integrated debt collector to process the case. It is still not a guarantee that the debts will be paid.

Debt collection cases can be created in the following cases:

  • Manually created cases over the user interface in wallee.
  • Automatically created cases when the last dunning level failed.
  • Debt collection cases that are created over the webservice API

More information about how to use the debt collection API can be found in the debt collection documentation.

”The debt collection feature is the next step once all dunning levels failed.”

Feature overview in wallee

How it works

Debt collection is available for all merchants connected to wallee. If you are not yet connected have a look our available integrations. Once you create transactions where wallee tracks the invoice payment state we will automatically create debt collection cases. See below a step-by-step setup guide:

  1. First, you need to create a debt collector. You can choose between the debt collectors we are offering (e.g. tilbago) or decide to go for the manual debt collector.
  2. Create a new debt collector

  3. Then you need to save the different settings depending on the processor you've chosen. Once the processor is setup, wallee will create debt collection cases in case the last dunning flow level failed.
  4. Debt collector settings

  5. Now you are able to manually create debt collection cases over the user interface or the system will create automatically cases for eligible transactions.

Create Debt Collection Cases Independently

You can also use the debt collection feature independently from the payment process to create cases that should be forwarded to your debt collection processor. More information how the API can be used is available in the debt collection API documentation.

Send the debt collection cases manually

Tilbago Debt Collection

We’ve now started with the integration of different debt collectors. At the moment, you’re able to choose between the setup of a manual debt collector or choosing tilbago as the debt collection processor. tilbago (partnership with PostFinance) enables you to process debt collections in an easy way - quick, reasonable and online.

All you need to do is to create an account at tilbago and connect your wallee space with the tilbago processor configuration.

Send the debt collection cases manually

You can now automatically or manually decide on a case basis if you want to forward the case to tilbago. It is then tilbago's service to send the case to the relevant debt enforcement office and help you to enforce your claim against your client.

Overview cases tilbago

More information why tilbago might be your solution can be found on their website.

How to activate debt collection

The debt collection feature is available in the Advanced and Business package. All you need to do is to activate the feature in your space. If the feature is not visible to you, the reason might be that you are on an outdated subscription version. Contact us in this case and we will migrate you.


If you have any remaining questions do not hesitate to contact us.





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