New QR-Bill replacing all current orange Swiss inpayment slips as of 30 June 2020

POSTED ON: February 20 2019

New ESR Refernce Slip with QR Code as of 30 June 2020

The Swiss financial center worked on the new QR Code on the ESR payment slips with the aim of creating the basis for a more efficient payment traffic for all parties involved as well as meeting the challenges of digitisation and regulation in an efficient way.

The ESR QR-bill will be composed of the printed information in the number section and the Swiss QR Code. The QR-bill contains all the necessary payment information in a QR Code (the “Swiss QR Code” bearing the Swiss cross) and can simply be scanned digitally. There will be a transitional period during which the current orange inpayment slips and the new QR-bill can be used in parallel. We are constantly monitoring the specification and updates in order to be ready to print and generate invoices with the new QR Code once it is launched.

What is new with the QR-bill?

  • The payment part of the QR-bill will include the Swiss QR Code that integrates all payment data securely readable by QR Code scanners and smartphones.
  • The new valid payment references will be the 27-digit QR reference (formerly the ISR reference number) or the up to 25-digit Creditor Reference according to the ISO 11649 standard.
  • Valid account number formats will be only QR-IBAN or IBAN. The QR-IBAN will be used with the QR reference and the IBAN with the Creditor Reference.
  • Payment part will now be in black and white. This enables billers to create the QR-bill from a standard commercial printer.
  • The QR-bill will contain additional information such as a company identfication or a bill number in order to facilitate automatic reconciliation and management of outstanding receivables.

What are the advantages of the QR-bill?

  • Increased automation and simplification of invoice processing: All payment information integrated in the Swiss QR Code will be captured in a simple, secure and electronic way.
  • Limitation of readable errors and manual work: Thanks to the ability to automatically scan all payment references from the Swiss QR Code. Reference numbers will no longer have to be entered manually.
  • Digital and paper use: The QR-bill suports both digital payments and payments by mail or the post office counter.
  • Simplified reconciliation of payments: Thanks to additional payment information available in the QR-bill such as the company identification or the bill number.

Implementation of the QR-bill in wallee

As a software vendor specialized in online payment services, we are actively committed to provide a solution based on the new regulations to enable the easy integration of the QR-bill into invoicing and payment processes and a smooth and timely switchover to all wallee users.


More information about the new QR-bill can be found here.

If you have any remaining question, do not hesitate to contact us.


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