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POSTED ON: February 26 2019

Pay Invoices with QR Code

We have now implemented in wallee a new feature called Instant Invoice Payment that allows to print a QR Code on the invoice document itself for the customer to pay it instantly with another payment method such as credit card.

Invoice Instant Payment via a QR Code is a great and easy solution whether you want to provide an additional and quick way for your customers to pay an invoice, give your customers the possibility to pay the invoice instantly in order to receive the goods quicker or simply reduce the amount of outstanding invoices.

More and more people use QR Codes every day, from stores to business cards and more recently paying bills. You can therefore consider QR Codes as an additional payment method to ensure that orders placed on your site are paid on time.

How to activate Invoice Instant Payment?

The Invoice Instant Payment via a QR Code feature is available for the invoice payment method and the bank transfer (Prepayment) payment method processed by wallee (via the manual processor. or the ISR processor). So in short whenever the invoice is not covered by a third party or the invoice is not marked as paid you have the option to activate inside the connector the option to print a QR Code and a link on the invoice document that allows your clients to pay invoices or reminers more efficiently.

Wallee offers two ways to deliver the documents to your customers: Email delivery and Postal delivery. The Invoice Instant Payment via a QR Code feature is available for both. The feature can be activated directly inside the connector configuration under Space > Payment > Configuration > Connectors. There you can tick the box under Instant Invoice Payment:

Instant Invoice Payment

How does it work?

Once your customers receive the invoice via email or postal delivery, they will be able to scan this QR Code using a QR Code scanner app from their smartphone or simply click on the link that is provided in the PDF.

Scan the QR Code displayed on the invoice

The QR Code / Link contains a URL that loads a payment page where customers can pay the invoice instantly. Of course we only display the payment methods that make sense in this context.

Use the PAY button and enter your payment information (e.g. credit card details)

Wallee will immediately mark the invoice as paid and create a new transaction for the payment made via the QR Code and the chosen payment method.

The Instant Invoice Payment feature also works for partial payments. In case a customer has already paid a part of the invoice amount and now wants to pay the remaining amount, you can simply send him the updated invoice including the QR Code for him to complete the payment.

QR Payments and Automated Accounting

The Invoice Instant Payment feature is fully compatible with the Reconciliation / Automated Accounting product of wallee. This means all relevent account records will automatically be created if the Reconciliation Feature is active. So the account receivable of the existing invoice will be closed and instead a new record will be created depending on the payment method the customer choose to pay the open invoice. Thanks to the integration to the different acquirers also this account receivable will be closed automatically.

Use Cases for Invoice Instant Payment

There are multiple possible use cases where we think the instant payment feature can be of interest for you as merchant.

Start the delivery process faster in case of bank transfer (Prepayment) orders

In case of a bank transfer (Prepayment) order, you as a merchant needs to reserve the stock and deliver the goods only once the invoice is paid and your customers have to wait until invoice is paid in order to receive the goods. Allowing instant payment of the invoice via a QR Code and other payment methods will give the chance to your customers to pay instantly if they to receive the goods as soon as possible.

Reduce Dunning Costs

From experience we know that reminders are paid faster and more conveniently for your customers if you allow them to pay them directly online than via bank transfer and as mentioned above the accounting part can be taken care of by wallee. In this way you can lower the costs associated with the dunning process.


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us.



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