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POSTED ON: June 20 2017

Migration Magento Sellxed to wallee

The Magento ESR Plugin from sellxed is supporting the handling of ESR payment transactions in the .v11 format but not the new ISO 20022 format. This is why we’ve worked on an interesting special offer including a migration plan for existing clients. You can find more details in the following article.

The changes to the new format ISO 20022 (read more about that in the previous blog article), have a direct impact on you as a merchant. As soon as the banks are not delivering any statements in the .v11 format anymore, you need to organize the migration from the old format to the new camt files. PostFinance is gonna be the first bank, who will stop the delivery of the .v11 format and change to ISO 20022 by the end of this year. You can find the detailed time schedule, which is different for every bank, on their websites. It is important to deal with the topic early so that you have enough time for a smooth migration.

”If you own a valid sellxed contract, you’re going to receive a deposit in wallee and special conditions."

Advantages wallee vs Magento ESR

We’ve decided not to extend the Magento ESR Plugin from sellxed with the ISO 20022 format but to replace it completely with a wallee Plugin. We’re totally convinced that the advantages outweigh the migration effort for our clients in the long run. The integration in wallee gives you many advantages:

  • The transactions can be imported automatically. You’re saving time each day as you no longer need to upload the files manually.
  • You can handle ISO 20022 files without any problems. Still, we’re supporting the .v11 format so that you can do the migration.
  • You have a futureproof solution that will also be compatible with the introduction of the QR Code payments in future.
  • In wallee, you can automate the dunning processes and the different dunning levels. You’re defining the process and the fees. The dunning process itself starts automatically. Thanks to the integration in Pingen you would have the opportunity to send the reminders via post.
  • You can easily create PDFs without relying on the Magento Extension for PDFs.
  • We’re taking over the delivery of the PDFs to your clients. You can send them automatically via post or even easier via E-Mail through our server.
  • In the near future, you’ll be able to export the data directly in your accounting department.

Special offer

If you own a valid sellxed contract, you’re going to receive a deposit in wallee and special conditions. To benefit from the offer, you need to create a wallee account and choose the starter plan first. As a migration client, we’re going to activate the special offer as soon as you’ve registered. In terms of questions and more details as well as the assignment of the deposit you can contact our support directly.

Migration path

We recommend an early planning for your migration. To help you with that, we’ve developed a migration path. You can find the necessary information about the procedure and the single steps just below. If you’re having any uncertainties please just contact our support. We love to help with all your questions.

In the picture below, you can find the different migration steps. We’re just going to explain the single steps for the migration in detail at this point.

1. Activation File Delivery Service (FDS)

The first step is to activate the File Delivery Service (FDS). This step is optional for you, but we would highly recommend it. With an activated FDS, the reports will be read automatically. To enable this, you need to fill in the form Activation of Delivery from PostFinance. This is the start of the FDS activation process. At the end of this process, you just need to send the public key for the connection with the FDS to PostFinance. The public key can be created directly in the application and be sent to the responsible person.

In wallee you can activate FDS for your account. After doing this, the payment files are processed automatically.

The administrative registration for the usage of the File Delivery Service will take place through the customer service of the Post CH AG. If you’ve got any questions concerning FDS, you can contact the right person via

2. Installing Wallee

During the next step, we need to install and configure the ESR processor in wallee. Just follow the manuel to setup the ISR processor. At the same time, we’d suggest you to configure the dunning system including the dunning levels and fees. You can find more information about the dunning topic in wallee within the dunning documentation.

3. Installation wallee Magento Payment Plugin

You can find more information about the installment and the documentation about the integration in Github Wiki of Magento Extension. The wallee Magento Plugin is being offered for free via github. The installation is being explained in the wiki and will take you some minutes only. The synchronization of the payment methods and setting will follow automatically.

4. Deactivation of the former payment – Migration to wallee

You need to deactivate the ISR payment method in Magento, so it won’t generate any new bills with the Magento sellxed ESR Module. At the same time, you need to activate the new Magento payment module for wallee.

5. Migration phase

The files will be collected directly via FDS. If you haven’t activated FDS, you can upload these files manually in wallee. The ESR instruction shows you how that works in detail.

During the migration phase you need to upload the files in wallee as well as Magento. We suggest you to do that for the next 6 to 8 weeks - depending on the payment deadlines and payment cycles of your customers.

The files will be uploaded in wallee automatically or manually. If there are payments, which can be referred as coming from the Magento Module, you can download the individual files directly in wallee and upload them into the Magento Module.

Uploaded files can be downloaded again to import them directly into Magento. ISR files, which can’t be referred in wallee can be discarded in the application.

You can see an example of an ISR transaction above. You're able to get all the information of the file. If transactions can not be referred, you can see the necessary information for a manual matching here.

If there are any ISR files, which can’t be matched with transactions in wallee because e.g. the customer used the old reference number, you’ve got the opportunity to do that manually. If it is a transaction from the old Magento Plugin, you can mark the transaction as paid according to the reference number or the .v11 report files.

The picture above is showing you the transactions, which cannot be referred. Via Resolve you are able to refer the transaction manually or via Discard you can delete the entry as long as it isn't part of the wallee transactions.

6. Shift to camt.053 with details

After the migration phase you can shift the reporting to camt.053 with details while giving the information to PostFinance. In order to do that, you need the Application/Mutation Electronic Account Documents from your account representative and request the delivery of camt.053 with details.

As you can see in the form above, the delivery is taking place via FDS. As an alternative, you can still use the delivery via E-Finance. If you decide not to install the FDS, you can download the files manually from E-Finance and upload them at the right place in wallee.

If there are payments from ESR Magento in camt.053, which can’t be referred, you can see them in wallee with the reference number. You can copy this number and enter it directly in Sales > ESR.


If there are any questions or problems during the migration, you can contact our Support directly.







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