Monthly Update May

POSTED ON: May 31 2017

Monthly Update May

We’re steadily working on the implementation of new features into the wallee platform. See below a summary of the new features we added during May.

Below you find a monthly update of the work we did on the platform during May 2017. Besides integrating Pingen as an automatic tool for sending all kind of documents like invoices, reminders, etc via post, wallee has received a new look and feel, the API documentation has been adapted and with Computop, we’re having the first PSP on board that supports payouts.

”To ease the understanding, the whole content has been divided into the four different sections space, payment, customize and connect.”

New Layout

The layout of has been changed significantly. We’ve been working on the improvement of the user usability, the menu navigation as well as the layout itself. We specifically focused on usability and the design so that the design makes it easier for the user to get an overview and understanding of how to interact with the different user interfaces.

The framework exists of two columns and a different arrangement of groups. The first column is the general overview of the whole account with some main folders. The second column shows you the different topics and areas, which are connected to the folders mentioned in the first column.

To ease the understanding, the whole content has been divided into the four different sections space, payment, customize and connect. In certain areas instead of having a third layer as navigation, we have moved the tabs at the top of the page (e.g. transactions) to give a quicker overview and prevent the menu from being too long. In terms of the layout, icons have been created for the different sections in the two columns as well as some smaller changes for a nicer optic.

new layout of including columns, sections and tabs


Beside the changes to the layout we also added an additional payment service provider. Computop is a global payment service provider that is focusing on international payment acceptance and multi-channel solutions. Global customers like C&A, Metro Cash & Carry, Samsung and TUI trust in Computop’s gateway.

wallee covers a reasonable selection of payment methods via the Computop gateway - a good mix of local and international payment brands that includes all major card brands and also the most important local alternative payment methods like PayPal, Sofort, Trustly, etc. A complete list of the currently supported payment connectors can be found in the Computop Connector Overview.

Beside the general pay-in concept Computop is also the first gateway that offers the payout feature. Payouts are unreferenced payments to card holders. In contrast to refunds which do refer to a prior payment transaction. Combined with the Charge Flow feature there are multiple use cases for different verticals where payouts have to be organized automatically. More specific is to come.

The payout feature is only supported by specific payment connectors and has to be setup with your processing contract directly. Technically on the API side, payouts are handled as normal payments. The only difference is that you create a transaction object that has a negative amount. More details can soon be found in our payment API documentation.

Screenshots Payout combined with Charge Flows

We added some screenshots below that give you some impression on how the payout feature combined with Charge Flows could look like.

Example of a Payout Page

Example of a Payout Page

E-Mail for Charge Flow based Payouts





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