POSTED ON: April 13 2018


We recently finished the integration into Netaxept. Netaxept is the leading payment brand of NETS, one of the biggest acquirers in the Nordics. This is a very important step to offer wallee also in the northern part of Europe. This will further strengthen our payment offer for the Nordic countries.

The nets integration into wallee covers acceptance of the major card brands. Beside the cards, you as a merchant do now have access to the nordic banking network with Swedbank, Danskebank etc. A complete list of integrated payment methods can be viewed in the processor overview.

SWISH to be released soon

By the way, we currently plan to release the Swish integration. Swish is THE mobile payment method in Sweden. This will also further strengthen our payment offer for the Nordic countries.


The integration of Nets into wallee is simple and can be done via the setup assistant (see below) that guides you through the relevant questions. More information about the setup can also be found in our Nets Documentation.

Setup assistant wallee

NETS for (hosted) Shopping Carts

One of the often requested features is the integration of NETS for Shopify. With the release of the NETS integration this has now become a reality. The integration of Shopify or ECWID for NETS has not been possible so far. Find out more how to integrate Nets into Shopify or ECWID.

Besides the hosted carts like Shopify and ECWID, wallee facilitates the integraiton into a huge selection of integrations. Have a look at our Integration Page


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us.





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