PieSync Partnership with wallee

POSTED ON: February 19 2020

Synchronize your customer data accross multipe platforms.

Wallee is excited to announce that we have partnered up with PieSync from HubSpot. Keep your customer data synchronised at all times and at your fingertips.

Who is PieSync

PieSync from HubSpot is a highly-reviewed integration platform that offers a customer data synchronization solution for Wallee and 200+ other business apps. Among those apps are Mailchimp, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Bexio, Pipedrive or Hubspot as CRM. This allows you to keep all your data synchronized across those platforms. PieSync can be compared to Zapier.

Wallee PieSync Integration

PieSync is a customer synchronization solution for business tools, it works 2-way and in real-time. PieSync consolidates customer information from multiple cloud-based applications in sync. The “2-Way” means that whenever you add or modify a contact in one app, that update is synced back to the other app, and vice versa. The value of bidirectional sync is that your data will be accurate across all your apps.

For example: An order comes in as a transaction in wallee, the customer details are automatically synchronized to the apps which are in PieSync. Possible Flow: Order is created, then a contact is created in SalesForce or in HubSpot. In other words, it will be easily possible to synchronize your customer data between your favorite apps. A huge plus for wallee customers is that no programming skills are required for this integration!

How It Works with Wallee

PieSync seamlessly connects Wallee with your existing business applications, synchronizing customer data 2-way and in real-time without any developer experience needed. As already mentioned, it is easy to setup and helps you build your business by increasing productivity. PieSync's solution eliminates data silos and prevents data errors to ensure that you and your team will have access to the most up to date contact information at any time. Thanks to PieSync you can now have Wallee in sync with your CRM, Customer Support tool, marketing app and much more.

Start Syncing

Checkout out which PieSync Apps you can now use to syncronize data between them with just a few clicks.

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