New Pricing Model wallee

POSTED ON: October 23 2017

New Pricing Model wallee

According to different feedbacks in the past few months and observation at our end, we’ve decided to update the pricing concept and change it to the better. We wold like to summarize the most important changes for you.

New Pricing Model wallee

A few things changes - the important remains the same

Before we go into details what has changed - let's discuss the unchanged facts:

  • You can upgrade your package whenever you’d like to.
  • You’ve got the opportunity to test wallee without providing a credit card. The credit card data is required only once you start processing transactions with your live account.
  • In case you already have a subscription that is no longer available you can of course keep it.

The signup process is fully digital and anly takes a few minutes. Once you selected your desired package from the Pricing Page you can start processing test or live payments right away.

”There are differences regarding the amount of live transactions per month and the costs per extra unit.”

New products Starter / Advanced / Business

The three different subscription products Starter, Advanced, Business differ in the sections payment, integrations, customization and support. When it comes to the payment part, there are differences regarding the amount of live transactions per month and the costs per extra unit (the more transactions the less expensive one extra unit gets).

Differences in the Payment section

You should use the Starter package in case you just started your business: You process less than 300 transactions a month and you want to integrate less than 3 payment methods via wallee in your shop. However, be aware of the fact that you do not have any access to third party integrations as e.g. Slack, Shopify, etc. or to any customization features in order to style your payment pages, emails etc. in this package.

The most used package that offers best value for money is the Advanced package. This package is the perfect choice for merchants that process more than 3 different payment methods via wallee and would like to use all the other features. We would also advise you as a merchant to add the support package as this gives you access to our telephone and email support.

The Business package is used by our medium to large customers that sale internationally. This package includes 4’000 transactions/month and email/telephone support. This package is the right choice for you, if you process larger transaction volumes and if you want to profit from the reconciliation and reporting features that will be available soon.

In case you process higher volumes or you have a specific need, we do offer special and customized pricings for large merchants. If you’d like to get additional information here, just get in touch with us anytime.

Free Trial version

In case you would like to test wallee first, select your desired package and provide your information. You can always skip the payment part and test the integration first. As soon as you’re ready to go live, you need to update your payment information to process live transactions.

Integration Support

For all packages we offer a specific integration support. For a small one time fee we integrate your payment provider and configure the integration. The basic package can be selected when you sign up. Alternatively just get in touch with us to book the integration support at any later stage.


If you have any remaining questions do not hesitate to contact us.





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