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POSTED ON: February 06 2018

Announcements January

During the last weeks we’ve been working on several tasks and different development areas. Find below a quick summary about the changes during the last two months.

Display Shopify Order Numbers and Order Name

From now on, we show the order name of Shopify within the Shopify transaction list (Shopify > Transaction). This allows you to match the checkout ID with the order name that is displayed in Shopify. In the first screenshot below you can see the backend of your Shopify store. The order name of the transactions is visible on the left side. In the transactions list in your wallee account, you can see the whole list of all the transactions. Make sure that you enable the order name from the visible columns. This view can now be exported manually. We are currently working on a CSV Export of our transaction lists.

Backend Shopify store

transaction list in your wallee account

MF Group - Invoice On Delivery with Partial Payments

With the product invoice on delivery with partial payments, your customers can decide in a flexible way, in which time frame they want to pay the invoices. They are able to use part payments and define the amount they are able to pay each month. These part payments can be set up within the MF Group Power Pay processor. The terms for these partial payments have to be defined with MF Group directly.

Your customers can choose to pay the invoices in part payments

As visible in the above screenshot wallee will create in this case an ESR+ payment slip where the amount is not prefilled. This document will automatically be sent to your customer via e-mail, printed on your printer or simply made available in your shop depending on your configuration. However, you do not have to care about the generation and delivery of the document. Your customers define the amount they want to pay to MF Group. At the end of the month this invoice will be converted into a monthly invoice and sent to the customer. You as a merchant you will receive the full amount as agreed with MF Group. This allows you to enable your customers a flexible payment term of your invoices.

Payment links

We recently introduced the new feature payment link that allows you to place donation forms, payment forms etc. directly in your blog or website. However, if you are accepting payments and you need to get the address details of your customer you might want to be sure that they are verify for their acceptance and accuracy by wallee. In order to achieve this we do now offer a simple java script that you can include in your website to pre-validate the form inputs in your blog. Once the java script validated the address and the address is correct you can forward the customer to our payment form. This new infrastructure gives the opportunity to see invalid input very early within the flow. To get more information about this feature, have a look at the .js adress validation documentation.





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