Payment Form for Shopify

POSTED ON: July 12 2018

Payment Form for Shopify

With the latest update - the integrated payment form the payment acceptance for wallee in Shopify just got 1’000 times nicer and your customer does no longer need to leave your Shopify checkout.

Shopify uses the active merchant library for payment integrations. However, if you want to accept local payment methods or credit cards with 3D Secure you will have to use providers such as wallee that allow you to process payments via the Hosted Payment SDK of Shopify. This means that the client is normally redirected to the payment page of the provider in this case wallee. Accept cards with 3D Secure and local payment methods such as ESR, TWINT, PostFinance, Alipay, Invoice etc. Find out how it works.

Hosted Payment Page SDK

In the standard hosted payment page SDK your customer will be redirected to the wallee payment page. We invested a lot to make the styling of these pages as easy as possible. The integrated resource editor allows you to change the look and feel of the pages easily. However, the merchant is redirected onto a wallee url where the payment page is hosted to complete the payment which might be an issue for some merchants.

Integrated payment form for Shopify

This is why we invested time and money to integrate the payment form inside your checkout to make use of the wallee Iframe authorization.

Integrated Payment Form

According to different feedbacks in the past few months and observation at our end, we have now integrated in wallee the Integrated Payment Form. You have now the possibility to enable in your Shopify installation in wallee the Integrated Payment Form. This will embed the payment form in the Shopify shop (as long as your payment processor supports this).

Integrated payment form for Shopify where your client can seamlessly enter the payment details.

This new feature greatly improves user experience by including the payment section within the look and feel of your shop. Your customers will feel more secure and will enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience.


As you might imagine the integrated payment form has various advantages for you as Shopify merchant:

  • The payment page is now displayed in your checkout, so the customer will not leave your store URL.
  • You do have the option to change the look and feel by adjusting the wallee-checkout.liquid in your shopify store
  • The payment flow is fully integrated into your checkout. In case you modified the look and feel of your checkout the payment form should automatically adapt this and render header, footer and other elements accordingly.
  • If you enable shopify user accounts you can also make use of the one-click payment option to store credit card details securely of your merchants.

The best of all advantages is, that this feature is available for all wallee products (see below).


We created a demo store for you to see everything in action.

How to Activate Integrated Payment Form?

The integrated payment form is available for all wallee products. If you create a new wallee account it will even be the default integration methods. If you are an existing customer here is how you can change the settings.

  1. Navigate to the Shopify Integration page where you do the integration settings.
  2. Integration settings

  3. Open the Integration and set the integrated payment form to on. As of now all your payment method will displayed inline after your customer confirmed the order.
  4. Set the integrated payment form to on

New to wallee

If you do not have a wallee account you can easily start to create an account and configure your Shopify Integration as described in the Shopify Documentation.


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us.






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