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POSTED ON: October 10 2017


The wallee payment plugin is now available via the Shopware community store or directly via our github repository. Check the integrated features as for example invoice processing with ISR (orange inpayment slip) or the integrated credit card forms we’re going to talk about.

Shopware is an online shop system, which is available as an open source software as well as a commercial edition. You can extend Shopware and its functions with the installation of additional plugins.

You can choose from different editions as e.g. Community Edition (includes features like storytelling, digital publishing and an ERP system on its own) or the Professional Plus Edition. The wallee plugin is compatible with all the available Shopware Versions.

”The Shopware plugin is easy to be integrated. All you need to do is to download and install the plugin in your Shopware store.”

wallee Plugin


The integration of wallee gives you as a merchant many advantages:

  • The Shopware plugin is easy to be integrated. All you need to do is to download and install the plugin in your Shopware store as you can read in the github wiki. You can also download the plugin from the Shopware Store. You find the plugin with the keywords wallee payment. However, the most recent version of the plugin is available in the github.
  • As soon as the plugin is installed, you can start to accept payments. The payment methods and the configuration will be synchronized directly into your Shopware store.
  • At a later stage, you can easily add additional payment processors or payment methods with just one click due to the standardized payment flow. You do not even have to update the plugin as there is an automatic synchronization.
  • wallee shows you the solution to many daily problems and process optimizations and saves money. The seamless integration in your template is leading to a better conversion, too. In case of invoices or other documents, you can upload the documents in the account directly.
  • Save money while offering payment memes.
  • As an agency you've got the advantage to use the wallee plugin for all your clients. It is easy to install and is leading to better and more suitable results.

Have a look at all the features and the integration methods that stay directly at your disposal by simply integrating the payment plugin for Shopware.

Seamless Payment Integration - no redirection

The main advantage for you as a merchant is the direct integration of the payment form in your checkout. This is leading to a better customer experience and therefore a better conversion.

seamless integration of the payment methods in the checkout process

One Click Checkout - Store the payment details

In addition to this, you've got the opportunity to storage the payment information. Doing this, you’re not forced to enter the details over and over again.

storage of payment information

Order Management

You can process and control any wallee order directly in your Shopware store. Captures and refunds can be created directly in the backend of your shop.

Create captures and refunds in the backend

E-Mail / Document Templates

You have the option to use the Shopware integrated e-mails or documents. Alternatively, wallee offers you the option to send the invoice document directly in the order email to your customer and also put the documents in the customer account ready for download.

The documents are availble for customer to download in their account.

Synchronized Payment Status

The payment status is going to be synchronized. You’re receiving an overview about which orders have been paid already. This is a helpful advantage as you're process payments or offer invoices via payment slips (see ISR).

Overview orders in the Shopware Backend.

Simple Pricing

You can start for as low as 3.95 EUR for 300 included transactions. In case you need additional features you can change anytime to a higher subscription. Have a look at our pricing to convince yourself.

Connect your Shopware store within a few clicks

The setup of the plugin is simple and can be done in just a few steps. All you need is a PSP contract and a wallee account. More information and the guideline how you connect your Shopware shop within some clicks can be found in the wiki.


The plugin will be maintained and updated by customweb. You are able to receive the updates directly via github or apply them directly from the Shopware store.


To get a feeling of how the store works and how it looks like, you can do some testings with this demo store. Alternatively. you can have a look at our screencast tutorial that shows you how easy the integration in your Shopware store is and how it looks like.


If you have any remaining questions do not hesitate to contact us.





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