Fraud Protection

Easily enable basic tools to identify fraud and review suspectful transactions - everything fully integrated with your payments.

Basic Fraud Settings

The biggest challenges with fraud prevention is around efficiently identify fraudulent or suspectful transactions without compromising your checkout experience or accidentally refusing legitimate transactions. You definitely want to avoid declining non-fraudulent transaction. Beside the process or recognition you want to have an integrated and easy to use review process that fits into your daily routines.

We have built basic fraud detection measures into the platform that scan your transactions for unusual combination based on BIN-Range, IP Adress and Delivery Adress. If the patter deviate you are able to flag transactions for review. This allows you to check transactions of your validity and automatically refund them respectively accept the payment and initiate further processing of the transaction. Everything is built directly into your daily routines.

Dynamic 3-D Secure Routing

With wallee you can route transactions dynamically to process with or without 3D Secure based on the fraud assessment. This can have a positive impact on both chargebacks and conversions. All you need to have is to organize a contract with your processor that enforces 3D Secure and a contract without 3D-Secure. Based on your settings or settings agreed with your processor we route the suspectful transactions to terminal that enforces a 3D Secure challenge or we process it with the non 3D-Secure terminal. In that way you can reduce your financial liability while ensuring good-customer authorizations.

This can be done without any additional line of code. Just create two connector configurations and processor configurations and enable the fraud settings respectively add some additional conditions to the configuration. Those settings are then evaluated during the transaction and we decide directly to which terminal the transaction will be sent.

For more information about setting up the processors get in touch with us.

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Review Transactions

Based on your fraud settings we identify and flag transactions. The flagged transactions are concentrated in so called manual tasks in your backend. Depending on your settings we are able to notify you daily via Email or directly create a manual task and push it into your slack channel. Have a look at our Slack Integration to see how you are able to accept flagged transactions and other manual tasks directly out of your slack channel without even logging into wallee.

Head over to this page to see how the Slack integration works.

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