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wallee helps you to scale your business in new markets thanks to the standardized payment process and API.

Scalability and Flexibility are Key Success Factors

No matter if you are a small or big enterprise. Competing in today's globalized world requires to be flexible and to scale your business. With other words this often requires you to be able to enter into new markets or expanding an offer for new client segments. In the payments world this means that you need to be able to add new payment methods fast. However, new payment methods require generally new processes, new data parameters, new liability rules, different checkout flows etc. This finally leads to a rather costly and time consuming project. This is why wallee adapts a completely new process. We fully standardized the way you sell by standardizing the payment process and the way additional data is collected.

Processing payments today often means that you have to spend days to integrate a new payment method technically followed by a time consuming creation of account and adapting your processes. In case your existing payment service provider does not support the payment method that you want to integrate you will have to create a full technical integration on top of that. This is why we fully standardized the process of accepting payments. But we did not stop there. We also thought about the after sales processes like Charge Back Handling, Dunning, Reconciliation etc.

Fully Standardized Payment Process

Standard Process for Prepayment or Credit Card Payments

The process drawn above is fully standardized independent from the payment methods you are processing. This means it does not matter whether you are processing a prepayment or a credit card payment - two completely different processes in terms of risk assignment, customer interaction and payment flow.

A Prepayment Transaction will remain in the completed state until it has been paid by the customer. Should the payment be done within the defined time frame on the payment connector then the transaction will switch into a final state Fulfill or it will automatically switch to Decline. Whereas a credit card transaction might go directly to Fulfill depending on your fraud settings.

This has the technical implication that you as a merchant or developer only have to implement and care for one standardized payment process. Therefore, whenever you add an additional payment method we guarantee you that it will follow this process. If you would like to get more detailed information about the states and its implications as well as additional technical details, head over to the process documentation.

Learn more about the transaction process.

Collecting Additional Data Parameters

As a developer or merchant you know the hassle. Adding a new payment method with your PSP requires you to provide additional data in the request. A credit card payment does not need as many information as a guaranteed invoice might need (Birthdate, Address, Gender etc.). This normally requires on your end additional coding and adjustment to your system in order to collect his information. wallee takes care of this. First of all all customer parameters and payment parameters you can provide us are standardized as well in our API. If you do not provide this information and in case case we need it we are going to ask the customer for it in the payment flow.

The screenshot below shows the example where the customer will be asked on the payment page for additional payment information that is required to process the payment with the invoice processor. To find more information about how the checkout can be customized visit our custom user interface case.

Learn more about the customization of the checkout.


The standardized process has several implications on your business that will result in some major advantages for you when processing payments with wallee.

1. Adding New Payment Methods Is Really Easy

The most obvious advantage for using wallee is the reduction in costs of adding new payment methods to your store. This will reduce your development and maintenance costs and significantly increase your flexibility and scalability to grow into new markets segments or markets.

All specialities of a payment method like the payment flow or the collection of additional data are outsourced to wallee. Everything specifically to a payment method can be set in the setting of the payment method itself without any development on your side. Adding payment method becomes really easy.

The video below shows how easy a payment method can be added to your current processor. You do not have to change anything in your shop. Just add the payment method in the configuration and start processing as the process is fully standardized.

2. Adding New Processors Is Really Easy

As the process of payment acceptance is fully standardized also has the implication that you can start accepting additional payments from multiple processors. Should a payment method not be available for your current processor you are able to add a new processor as easy as you add an additional payment method and link them together to connector configuration.

For more information head over to the connector documentation.

All you need to have is an account with the processor and set up the credentials and you are able to start accepting payments via this processor without disrupting your current business and without any downtime.

The video below gives you an idea how easy processors can be added in full operation. Once you have all the credentials from your additional processor you can configure it and start to process payments within minutes

3. Route the Payment to Increase Your Revenue

Due to the standardization you can also have more than one processor for the same payment methods this has multiple advantages for you:

  • Reduce your downtime when a processor is not available process the transaction with your backup processor.
  • Increase the acceptance rate and hence the conversion by routing the payment to the local processor, as they are generally known to have better acceptance rates.
  • Optimize your costs by avoiding costs on the processing of international cards.

Payment routing is generally organized by so called conditions that can be attached to a processor. These conditions are applied on information on the transaction (like equality of shipping and billing address or origin of shipping address). Conditions can be attached to every payment connector easily. This means that you are also able to create new conditions or change existing conditions without any technical knowledge to do so.

The video below shows how filters can be created and applied to your processor configuration without interruption and without any programming knowledge within 5 minutes. A complete list of conditions and additional information can be found in our conditions documentation page.

Have a look at the list here.

We do Payments from A to Z including Subsequent Processes

wallee is not a PSP - wallee is a payment hub. Here's the reason. Beside the simplifications in accepting payments we also thought about the subsequent processes of a transaction. This is why we started to integrate additional features into the platform like Dunning, Chargeback Handling, Reconciliation and Account in order to give you a comprehensive payment hub.

Dunning and Dunning Levels

In case you are accepting payment methods that do not guarantee payments like invoice or direct debits it is of paramount importance that you master also the error cases like unpaid invoices or reversals. This is why we also added this feature into the platform. You can create designated dunning flows with different dunning levels, costs and email as well as PDF templates.

For information have a look at the dunning and debt collection case.

Reconciliation and Accounting

Most of the payment methods you can process today pay to your bank account in so called collective bookings. This means the payment you receive in your bank account is actually a collection of multiple transactions (exports as well as domestic) including payment fees. In order to verify that the amount is correct and finally being able to correctly start book those entries in your accounting you require to have a consolidated view. This can be achieved by importing and evaluating the reconciliation files of your payment processor. wallee as a payment hub is able to assist you here and match the files to have them ready for export into your accounting program.

For more information visit the reconciliation and accounting case.

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