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POSTED ON: March 11 2021

Payment Processing - The Terminology Dictionary.

The Terminology Dictionary of Payment Processing.


POSTED ON: February 26 2021

Decrease Friendly Fraud Effectively

Decrease Friendly Fraud Effectively.


POSTED ON: January 20 2021

How to Adapt Your business to Sell Online

How to Adapt Your business to Sell Online.


POSTED ON: December 07 2020

The Launch of (Online) Debit Cards in Switzerland

The Launch of (Online) Debit Cards in Switzerland.


POSTED ON: November 03 2020

Smartfill Petrol Payment

Digital payments are now all the rage. Wallee has teamed up with Traffitec, who offer the next clever solution for paying for petrol.


POSTED ON: August 11 2020

Conversational Commerce - Chat Bots


POSTED ON: March 18 2020

Tips and Tricks extraordinary times of COVID 19. Learn more about different tools to accept payments online.

Tips and Tricks extraordinary times of COVID 19. Learn more about different tools that allow you toopen a webshop in five hours and accept payments online.


POSTED ON: February 19 2020

New Partnership with PieSync

We are excited to announce that wallee partnered up with PieSync from HubSpot.


POSTED ON: February 02 2020

Omnichannel Experience with Shopify POS

Omnichannel Experience with Shopify POS and your wallee.


POSTED ON: October 10 2019

Feature RYD PAY and scheme tokens - increase conversion and reduce friction

Wallee now features the new way to pay at the gas station using the RYD PAY app.


POSTED ON: September 20 2019

PSD 2 / SCA / 3DS 2.0 - Latest Update

A few months have passed since our last PSD2 update. Get to know more about the future of payments in Europe and the latest information around PSD2, SCA and its exemptions.


POSTED ON: May 31 2019

Offer Subscriptions in Shopify

Digitalization requires new business models - Tips and tricks to offer subscriptions in your Shopify shop.


POSTED ON: May 16 2019

Automated Accounting with Bexio

Automate your accounting and easily transfer the accounting export from wallee into the online tool Bexio.


POSTED ON: February 26 2019

Instant Invoice Payment via QR Code

Print a QR Code on your invoices for your customers to pay it instantly with another payment method such as credit card.


POSTED ON: February 20 2019

New QR-Bill replacing all current Swiss payment slips

The new QR-bill (ESR orange inpayment slip) will be replacing all current Swiss payment slips as of 30 June 2020. This new QR-bill includes a QR Code that contains in digital form all the information necessary for payment.


POSTED ON: February 15 2019

PSD 2 / SCA / 3DS 2.0

PSD 2 will bring changes to the payment world around secure authentication and 3D Secure. Get to know more about the future of payments in Europe.


POSTED ON: January 30 2019

Credit Card Accounting

The usage of many payment methods, such as credit cards, poses great challenges for merchants. We explain why and point out possible solutions.


POSTED ON: January 09 2019

Google Sites Payment Links

Accept payments on any google sites without any technical knowlege. The wallee payment links allow you to turn any page into a point of sale.


POSTED ON: November 27 2018

Card Details Tokenization in Shopify

In case you integrate payments via Shopify and wallee you can store the payment details for later purchases (one-click) or to re-use the tokens for later charges depending on your business models.


POSTED ON: July 12 2018

Payment Form for Shopify

Integrated Payment Form now available for Shopify. With the latest update and the integrated payment form the payment acceptance just got 1’000 times nicer and your customer does no longer need to leave your Shopify checkout.


POSTED ON: June 08 2018

WooCommerce Subscription

Customer behavior and desires in terms of product consumption have changed in the digital age. They’re looking for new ways to engage with businesses.


POSTED ON: May 25 2018

wallee & GDPR

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and GTC’s to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also to give you as much insights into the usage of your data.


POSTED ON: April 20 2018


We’re happy to announce that PayPal as a payment method is now available for wallee merchants for direct integration.


POSTED ON: April 13 2018


We recently finished the integration into Netaxept the leading payment brand of NETS one of the biggest acquirer in the Nordics.


POSTED ON: April 11 2018


wallee now works with the payment processor TWINT, Switzerland’s digital wallet.


POSTED ON: March 26 2018

Debt Collection

Debt Collection is the solution in case the dunning process of unpaid orders does not lead to the expected results.


POSTED ON: March 07 2018


BS PAYONE is the new merge of B+S Card Service and Payone, which is seen as the new era in omnichannel for both providers.


POSTED ON: February 27 2018

OpenCart & ISR

Using ISR in combination with OpenCart offers you many advantages.


POSTED ON: February 06 2018

Ask & Suggest

Our developers team focused on two new tools/platforms to simplify wallee and its features as well as extend our online community.


POSTED ON: February 06 2018

Recent Updates December-January

During the last weeks we’ve been working on several tasks and different development areas.


POSTED ON: February 05 2018

PrestaShop & ISR

Using ISR in combination with PrestaShop offers you many advantages.


POSTED ON: January 29 2018

Resource Editor

Use the resource editor and adapt PDF documents, emails and the payment page according to your ideas.


POSTED ON: January 28 2018

Transaction Timeline

We’ve been working on the development of a transaction timeline during the last few weeks.


POSTED ON: January 24 2018

Plentymarkets & ISR

Use the orange payment slip in combination with Plentymarkets to streamline your invoice process


POSTED ON: January 18 2018

Shopware & ISR

Using ISR in combination with Shopware offers you many advantages.


POSTED ON: January 11 2018

WooCommerce & ISR

Using ISR in combination with WooCommerce offers you many advantages.


POSTED ON: December 28 2017

Payment Links with WIX & Jimdo

Use payment links to process transactions and collect payments in a WIX or Jimdo shop without any backend in an easy way.


POSTED ON: November 21 2017

Payment Links

Use payment links to process transactions and collect payments without an online-shop or backend in an easy way.


POSTED ON: October 20 2017

New Pricing Model wallee

According to different feedbacks in the past few months and observation at our end, we’ve decided to update the pricing concept and change it for the better.


POSTED ON: October 10 2017


Connect your Shopware Shop to wallee and get connected different payment processors to process local and international payment methods.


POSTED ON: September 12 2017


Connect your Plentymarkets Shop to wallee and get connected to over 40 different payment processors to process local and international payment methods.


POSTED ON: July 07 2017

Integration WooCommerce

We do now have a WooCommerce Plugin.


POSTED ON: July 06 2017

Monthly Update June

During the last weeks we've been focusing on the integration of MF Group into wallee.


POSTED ON: June 20 2017

ESR Migration Magento

The harmonization of the payment transaction and the change to ISO 20022 brings changes for banks and merchants.


POSTED ON: June 16 2017

ISO 20022 / camt.053

The harmonization of the payment transaction and the change to ISO 20022 brings changes for banks and merchants.


POSTED ON: June 01 2017


The integration of the Pingen mail service into wallee allows merchants to automate their processes for invoicing and reminders.


POSTED ON: May 31 2017

Monthly Update May

Besides integrating as an automatic tool for sending all kind of documents like invoices via post, etc.


POSTED ON: May 07 2017

Monthly Update April

Besides integrating different PSPs, we’ve worked on the integration of some additional shop systems next to Shopify.


POSTED ON: April 05 2017

Monthly Update March

We focused on the implementation of some payment processors to reach a better market coverage in central Europe.


POSTED ON: March 28 2017

MPE Innovation Award

We are honored to announce that wallee was awarded as most-innovative payment solution at the MPE 2017.


POSTED ON: December 04 2016

Architecture for Resilience

The architecture of wallee is intended to be as resilient as possible to sustain hardware and software failures.


POSTED ON: November 30 2016

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