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POSTED ON: November 30 2016

Hello World

What the hell is wallee?

wallee.com is the new platform of customweb ltd.. customweb ltd has extensive experience in payment plugins. We created over 1'600 different payment plugins for over 35 different self-hosted php based shopping carts together with our partners the payment service provider.
When we started to develop and maintain the plugins for our product www.sellxed.com we created a PHP based framework that allows us to develop the software in a very efficient manner so that our development work including maintenance is manageable with our workforce.
However, with the time we realized that we need to find an answer for upcoming challenges our merchant face. The challenges we identified are mainly the following:

”We created over 1'600 different payment plugins for over 35 different self-hosted php based shopping carts together with our partners the payment service provider.”

  • Increasing popularity for hosted shopping carts like Shopify, ECWID, Lightspeed etc.
  • Increasing challenges and requirements from payment service providers for additional payment methods like invoices (where dynamic information that need to be printed into the invoice document).
  • Increasing challenges for our Partners the payment service providers to keep track with the new payment methods that arise
  • The payment services directive 2 and the XS2A with the challenges and opportunities
  • Challenges for merchants around reconciliation
  • The lack of a good subscription engine that also is able to process payment methods besides credit card.
  • and many more

To summarize we were missing a product that addresses the current challenges that regular merchants face today with a product that does not stop with processing payments but that does also offer solutions from A-Z for selling services, products etc over the internet. This is why we started to create wallee. A platform that wants to tackle all this issues. We facilitate the way a merchant can add payment methods and all the processes around selling together with the payment service provider and processors that do what they can best - process payments

Initial Processor Set

We started with an initial processor set of 18 Processors that cover the main processors in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Belgium and Holland. However, we strive to add additional processors every months. An actual overview of the supported processor is available on our Processor List. Should your processor be missing we ask you to get in touch with us. Furthermore, on our Payment Methods Overview you find additional information about the processors you can use to process the payment methods of your choice.

Hosted Shopping Carts and Platform

As mentioned we are focussing on hosted shopping carts and commerce platforms to sell physical and digital goods (Hotels, CRM, etc.). Our first integrations covers the Shopify off-site integration that allows you to process your local payment method via the off-site gateway of Shopify. More Information about the features and how to integrate it can be found on our Shopify Features Page.

Enterprise Shopping Carts

Beside the hosted shoping carts and platforms wallee is our answer to enterprise shopping carts like Hybris. This is why we also created together with our partner a Hybris integration. In case you are interested please contact our support.


This was just the start. Stay tuned for more information about new features, processors and payment methods on our Twitter Handler or in our Blog. In case you have Tipps and Critics do not hesitate to contact us.





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