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Accept payments easily in any Messenger app like Facebook Messenger and seamlessly accept payments in the era of conversational commerce.

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Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce is a term that refers to the trend toward interacting with businesses through messaging and chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Talk, and WeChat. This will have significant impact on how we sell and interact. Find out more about our ready to use solution to sell directly within those chat applications.

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Why is it important

Consumers are increasingly relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication, whether personal, business, or commerce. And Chat bots become increasingly important.


40% of millennials claim to engage with bots on a daily basis(Mobile Marketer).


Additionally, a study done by Salesforce shows that 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots for the speed at which they can communicate with a brand. However, instant messaging has just about reached its tipping point, with the total number of instant messages sent overtaking emails by mid-2016.

Boosts Revenues

eCommerce stores adopting Facebook Messenger along with an abandon cart chatbot have started to boost revenue by 7-25% (Chatbots Magazine).

Millenial Approved

Millennials are about twice as likely to use a chatbot that acts as a personal shopper compared to age groups older than them (Facebook).

Ready to use

We will happily support you with your integration and offer best-in-class payment experience for chat bots - almost out of the box.

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It's already here

The last decade was the era of mobile commerce and establishing a presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. But over the last two years, messaging apps have started to outpace social networks when it comes to where we spend our time.

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