Wallee Lightspeed Retail integration

Lightspeed Retail - It is time to reinvent your business and go omnichannel. wallee is now connected to lightspeed retail. The integration allows you to use the cloud terminal infrastructure of wallee together with Lightspeed.

Lightspeed Integration

Accept both payments such as international credit cards and local payments like PostFinance Card and TWINT. Synchronize them with your Wallee end device from the convenience of your Lightspeed Shop. Lightspeed is a SaaS shopping cart solution, comparable to Shopify which allows you to easily set up and start your online business without any installation or programming knowledge. With your Lightspeed store and a Wallee terminal, you can offer the Omnichannel experience forward to your customers at the push of a button. Get the MD Ware Payments app in the Lighspeed app store, and get started today.


A reliable companion, easy to use anywhere. The web based POS system is connected via the cloud to the certified wallee POS hardware terminal and thus enables secure, cashless transactions via the cloud (either 4G or LAN depending on the used device).

Adaptable and intuitive

The POS system can be easily connected to your Lightspeed Retail Store. You can access your sales figures anytime and anywhere. The user interface is adaptable and intuitive, and presents itself optimally even on mobile input devices.


Comprehensive shopping experience for your customers in the web shop, such as Click-and-Collect and Endless Aisle. You can accept payments using Lightspeed Retail as POS or Webshop - all in one place.

Apple Pay

Terminal in the Cloud

All you neeed for integration to work is a browser that runs on any device. After you linked the terminal with the ECR of Lightspeed the ECR will communicate with the terminal using 4G or WIFI. They do not need to be in the same network. So the whole setup is portable and fully independent of your network and works on standard infrastructure.

Certified Hardware

We offer standard and certified payment hardware to rent or buy. Simply create an account and start to order your terminal. You can also create your existing acquiring contract directly within your wallee account. If you need help about hardware or integration get in touch with our support team.


Do you want to have more information about the features. Have a look at the demo video. or visit the product page on Lightspeed to get more information. If you need help about hardware or integration get in touch with our support team.

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