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Accept payments in your Shopify store with the integration for Shopify, including TWINT.

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Shopify is an ideal solution for SME merchants that want to start their business and scale with their success. Accepting TWINT in Shopify through wallee has several significant advantages for you. wallee is cheaper compared to other solutions, more secure and tested by over 2'000 merchants.

Accept TWINT inside Shopify

With the off-site integration you are able to collect and process payments via the gateway of TWINT. The integration is officially recommended by TWINT and supports the latest version to make sure your clients can pay via browser or mobile app in your store.

Secure, Trusted and Tested

The wallee TWINT integration is already used by over hundrets of Shopify store owners. The integration is therefore tested and for your daily use. You can add TWINT with one click to your store.

Furthermore, wallee is PCI compliant and trusted by international brands. We have a transparent track record of the availability of our system. Last but not least, the TWINT integration is available and you have the option to add additional payment provider within your wallee space. You can find our prices for your wallee account here.

Easy Signup

The registration for TWINT is easy. Once you create a TWINT Account please select wallee as your payment service provider in your user settings. The documentation will provide you detailed signup instructions.

Requirements and Costs

In order to use the Shopify integration you need to make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Have a Shopify Subscription - no matter which Shopify subscription package.
  2. A TWINT Account.
  3. A wallee account. A detailed integration guide can be found in our Shopify Documentation

A complete overview about the pricing of wallee is available on our pricing page. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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