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Cloud Printing

Accept and process payments globally

Accept all major credit and debit card brands and choose from a big selection of additional alternative payment methods. Go global and choose from a huge selection of payment methods to accept and process payments via one or multiple of our supported processors.

Today you might use a single payment gateway. However, cross-border commerce is growing. wallee allows you to add payment gateways and payment methods easily. The transaction process is fully standardized for every payment provider and every payment method you can activate on the platform. In case a payment method requires additional information we just ask your customer for it whenever we need it - fully automatically. Adding payment method or processor becomes an issue of minutes not of months anymore.

Be assured that your customer data is stored in a fully PCI certified environment and software. If you accept credit card payments your acquirer requires you to be PCI compliant. wallee helps you to fulfill those requirements and still enables best-in-class user experience integrated into your store via our Iframe integration. Besides that, the application lets you create tailored access rights for users in your company because we understand that not everybody in your business requires full access to all information. We are developer ourselves, there we added the concept of invites where you can grant access to specific resources for your developer that he can share across our platform in case he uses wallee with other clients.

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Intelligent Payment Routing

Showing your customer the best fitting and a wide variety of payment methods increases your conversion rate significantly. We offer a huge set of conditions types that you can apply to payment methods or processors in order to decide how and through whom a payment should be processed. This allows you to select the provider with the best chance of success.

Increase your availability by setting up a failover payment processor. In case your primary processor goes down we automatically start routing transactions to the secondary payment provider.

Make use of our basic fraud prevention tools that are able to flag transaction based on certain transaction meta data.

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Document Handling

We know that the generation and customization of PDF documents or email templates is a hard task in most shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. It becomes an even bigger challenge when you have to enrich those documents with additional payment information like dynamic generated banking information or payment references like ISR Payment Slips etc. This is why we can take care of this for you if you like.

We provide a selection of standard templates that you can choose and modify directly in the application with our resource editor. Customization of the templates is easy. Just replace the logo and background PDF, use your favorite font and in case you like you can automatically print them over the web whenever you receive an order with our cloud print integration.

In case you want to deliver the documents to your clients via email, we offer the option to send the emails via our reliable email server or just connect to your email server via SMTP and other standard protocols so that we deliver the messages directly through your email server.

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Cloud Printing

Print the document directly from wallee on any printer you like. Cloud Printing is a new technology that connects your printers to the web. wallee integrates into Google's Cloud Printing Service in order to print on your printers.

There is no need to invest in new printers. You can use your current printers to create the print job directly over the web. All you need is a Google Account and Chrome and the printing jobs for your invoices, packing slips will be printed automatically whenever you receive an order.

You can use Cloud Printing also to archive invoice documents by writing them into your Google Drive account.

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We know that selling digital and physical goods have different business requirements in terms of order management, subscription handling and charging of customers. This is why we created a solution for both cases.

Different business models require different billing models. This is why our subscription integration offers the full range from a fixed recurring model with a fixed monthly fee to usage based models including the options to easily create your pricing tiers based on different calculation methods.

Increase your conversion and minimize your churn. With wallee you have access to a huge selection of different payment gateways integrations. This allows you to use your existing gateway to process payments. Beside that, you have the option to define how and when your customers will be charged.

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Reconciliation / Accounting

Connect your business with your account software. The accounting integration of wallee imports acquiring or other payment files and interprets them in a way that lets you reconcile and check the payments of your provider and at the same time standardizes the information in a way that you can use it to create your ledger entries for your accounting. We offer direct integration for certain accounting tools.

Import bank account statements (MT940 / .camt053) or payout records for a selection of payment processor automatically or manually in the application and start the payment matching process.

Import payment records from your bank and start the dunning process automatically for open invoices.

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