Omnichannel Experience with Shopify POS

POSTED ON: February 02 2020

Omnichannel Experience with Shopify POS

Omnichannel is the buzzword of the hour. Every merchant and expert has his own ideas about what Omnichannel should ultimately be. For us at wallee, it is primarily the possibility to accept payments in different forms (on-site, online) and to find the corresponding information (turnover, customer data, payment data) aggregated in one system.

We have tried to connect our Shopify shop with the POS of Shopify and to process payments on site with the wallee EC terminal. Shopify is also one of the fastest growing e-commerce applications in Europe. The Shopify POS solution is currently not available in Switzerland with an integrated EC card reader. Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate common payment methods such as Visa / AMEX / Mastercard / VPAY / Maestro as well as national procedures such as Girocard, PostFinance, TWINT into Shopify POS and thus create the omnichannel experience described above.


For the setup, we used a tablet a with the Shopify POS APP installed and a mobile credit card device from wallee (PAX S920). The device has a contract for the acceptance of Visa / Mastercard / American Express (including ApplePay and GooglePay), as well as the debit cards VPAY, PostFinance Card, Maestro and the wallet TWINT, which are common in Switzerland.

For acceptance in the online shop, we are using wallee, which means payments can already be processed online either as subscriptions or as a one-off sale.

For the acceptance of payments, we are using a standard wallee EC terminal and a conventional iPad with the Shopify POS App installed.


The integration is very simple. After we have activated POS as a sales channel in our shop, we connect the Shopify POS to the shop. This synchronizes the product data and the customer data.

In the settings we also link an external terminal with the brands we accept. In our example, we have added local brands such as PostFinance and TWINT in addition to the common international brands (VPAY / VISA / Maestro and Mastercard).

In the Shopify POS app we have also stored the accepted brands.

Let's Go

Now, we’re good to go; all products and customers are synchronized. All articles can be put together simply by pressing a button. For sales via debit card, PostFinance or TWINT, we select the respective brand in the checkout and enter the same amount on the device. When the sale is completed, the order can also be found in the Shopify Shop.

The amount is entered on the iPad and on the terminal.

Once the purchase is complete, the order is transferred to Shopify.


The integration of the wallee EC terminals in Shopify has numerous advantages for the retailer. The biggest advantage for retailers from our point of view is clearly that wallee aggregates all transactions in wallee Space, regardless of whether the order was received online or via terminal. This enables evaluations, but of course also significantly simplifies downstream processes such as a retailer’s bookkeeping. (We have already talked about the possibility of automated accounting in another blog post)

All transactions at a glance; terminal transactions as well as the online sales are viewed in one location.

In addition to the transaction data, further information on customers and payment data is available at a central location.

If this has convinced you — start today. Wallee enables you to accept payments today — across all channels. You can easily order terminals online and link them to your wallee account.


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