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Payment Processing

wallee lets you process payments via a multitude of different payment gateways all over the world through one single API. Expand cost effectively into new markets. The standardized process remains and adding new payment methods requires just a few clicks.

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Intelligent Payment Routing

Businesses benefit from the ability to route payments to the different gateway based on highly configurable rules. This helps you to decrease your payment rejection rate drastically, to increase your availability and last but not least optimizes your costs structure.

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Document Handling

Customizing pdfs or e-mail is a pain. We know that. This is why wallee is able to generate fully customizable order emails, invoices, reminders, packing slips and many more. Everything can be fully customized via the built in resource editor.

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Cloud Printing

Print invoices, packing slips and other documents over the cloud through cloud printing services. This allows you to streamline and automate your processes by printing automatically the documents wherever you need them.

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The digitalization and the sharing economy will lead to new business models based on services and recurring payments. However, recurring billing is complex. wallee streamlines the management of your subscription business. We care for the management of your subscription.

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Finally make sense of the payout reports from your payment processor and the received payments on your bank account. wallee is able to fully fetch bank account statements and payment reports from your processor and match them together with your transactions.

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