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wallee is probably the best way to process electronic payments. Due to our standardized process we change the way you sell combined with our features that offer you a bunch of additional value services.

What we do?

wallee changes the way merchants sell

wallee is a fast growing startup in the payments and fintech industry. We started as customweb ltd - a company that provides payment solutions for most of the payment service providers in Europe and the US. At the time we developed a PHP based payment abstraction for shopping cart and PSP connectors that is still active under the brand sellxed.com. Over time we realized that we also need to find an answer for other problems merchant face and nobody has taken care of so far. Challenges like reconciliation, subscriptions, PDF document generation, payment page styling or sophisticated routing of payment transactions based on conditions.

This is why we expanded our initial product with wallee - a payment hub that tries to solve exactly those challenges merchants face today. We continue to run under the our new name Wallee AG in our head office in Winterthur.

How we work?

We try to question and at the same time facilitate the way merchants sell to their customers.

In case you enjoy working with and working for developers and merchants that are unique in the challenges they face. From a small brick and mortar store to big multinational omni commerce companies.

In case you like the freedom of learning new skills combined with an hard working mentality and you are able to appreciate the emotional roller coaster ride that a startup brings. Including the lack of big bureaucracy and organizational charts then you might be a fit for us.

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Wallee AG
General-Guisan-Strasse 47
CH - 8400 Winterthur


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