Document Handling

We do not stop at processing payments. wallee is also able to send fully customizable order emails, invoices or any other documents that you want to send to your client. Everything can be fully customized via our built in ressource editor.

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Intelligent Payment Routing

Businesses benefit from the ability to route payments to the different gateway based on easily configurable rules. This helps you to increase your conversion rate drastically, availability and last but not least optimize your costs structure.

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Wallee lets your streamline your subscription process. We care for the management of your subscription. All you need to send us is a simple charge request over the API and based and we take care for expired cards etc.

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Unified Payment Process

Wallee unifies the different payment processes and api's in one single payment api and one single payment process across the various processors and payment methods. This means adding a new payment methods can be done be done within minutes. Your processes remains regardless what payment method you add.

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Payment Processing

Wallee lets you process payments via a multitude of different payment gateways all over the world through one single API. We ensure grade A security. Our Integration and environment is fully PCI compliant. Set up as many Integration as you like.

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Processor methods configuration

Wallee lets you process payment payments securely via the PCI compliant payment pages. But we do not stop there. wallee lets you customize the payment forms as well as authorization emails or invoice pdfs.

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Old way VS New way

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