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How it works


First, you need to register for the affiliate program. You can do that, while using the link to the application form. You are going to receive a feedback to the e-mail address you've mentioned in the application form. After the approval of your application, you're going to receive an affiliate link which you're free to use on any of your channels as e.g. website, social media, newsletter etc.

Spread & promote

As soon as you start to spread wallee within your customer base and through the channels, it gets more likely for you to earn the commission you deserve for promoting wallee. Share wallee with your audience and monetize your website.


Last but not least, earn the money from your promoting activities. We offer you a commission of 5% on the total turnover we achieve with your referred customer in the first year of subscription. So, the more you sell (support, value added services, higher packages), the more you are able to earn.

Meet our affiliates

Stefan Bommeli

OneByte AG is a full-service Agency for your Shopify projects. They help you to setup and promote your store to success.

Sylvain Rayé

Diglin is a eCommerce Agency that focuses on e-commerce projects realized with Magento. Diglin uses wallee for payment acceptance with their customers.


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