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POSTED ON: February 06 2018

Ask & Suggest

Our developers team focused on two new tools/platforms to simplify wallee and its features as well as extend our online community. You can now either ask a direct support question or you let us know your personal suggestions for improvement.

Why that?

You may ask yourself why we offer these two platforms to all our wallee users. The answer is simple. We wish that everyone has access to wallee. That’s why we decided to separate the support from the product. In order to keep our starter products as cheap as possible we want to have part of the support provided by the community using wallee. Secondly, we see that there are some questions that are asked more than once. When they are publicly available everybody has access to interesting solutions from our faboulous community. Questions and their solution will be public and therefore open to everyone.

If there’s still the case that a merchant needs detailed support, he can book additional support for his account. Doing this, he receives access to our telephone and email resources. In this case, we guarantee a response within one workday. You can do this in your account under Billing > Change Subscription.

Overview subscription

How it works

No worries the platforms are linked. Once you are logged in into wallee you will automatically be logged in the other platforms as well. Visit either the subpage or and write in there the question or suggestion you would like to receive an answer to. Once your question is posted you will receive updates via e-mail once an answer is available.

Example Q&A

How to ask a good question?

The better your question is the faster your question will be answered. Therefore, please make sure you follow the guidelines below when asking a question:

  • Search first if you are able to find the answer to your question using the search bar and the documentation.
  • Use screenshot and include the address bar of the browser.
  • Explain how your issue can be reproduced.
  • The title counts: Write one sentence in a correct and clear way, which shows the whole problem.
  • If there's code and it helps to explain the problem, use it. But just write down the necessary part of it.
  • Make sure to tag your question with the correct and most relevant tasks.
  • Be polite!

More information can be found on the developers best friend - stackoverflow question guidelines.




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