POSTED ON: June 01 2017


The integration of the Pingen mail service into wallee allows merchants to further automate their processes for invoicing and reminders.

The Pingen service is now available as wallee integration for all merchants. Pingen is a web-based hybrid mail service that allows merchants to print and send documents generated in wallee directly via postal mail to your clients. Our integration lets you send invoices, reminders and other documents you generated directly as snail mail.

”You can configure and define the different reminder levels and the content of each letter.”

We are convinced that the integration allows merchants to automate their daily e-commerce processes together with wallee. The most obvious use case we thought of is to send invoice reminders directly via mail after you reminded your clients first via email. For this you can create dunning flows where reminders are sent out to your subscribes automatically. You can configure and define the different reminder levels and the content of each letter. Additionally, the third reminder can also be set and sent as registered letter within Switzerland and thus further highlight its importance and providing proof of delivery. Combined with the ESR Integration - available from June - we are convinced that this will be a very useful combination for the automation of your invoice and debtor management in your online store.

By the way, we offer out of the box plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, CCV Shop, etc. More Information of how you can connect to wallee can be found on the plugin page.

How To Use It

The activation and configuration of Pingen in wallee is fairly simple and does not require any special skills. All you need to do is to create a wallee account if you have not already and create a Pingen account. The pingen account details can then be configured inside wallee as described in our Pingen documentation.

If you have any further questions regarding setup or use cases do not hesitate to contact us.

About Pingen

Pingen was founded back in 2010. The company provides a cloud based service to send digital documents as physical letters. Instead of printing the documents yourself, moving them into an envelope and bringing them to the Post you simply submit the document as PDF and Pingen automatically takes care of the rest. To provide this service, Pingen collaborates with enterprise grade print facilities that are also used by banks and other sensitive institutions in order to offer the highest standards for data privacy and security.

About wallee

wallee is a trademark of customweb - a payment company. changes the way merchants do commerce. it is a payment hub that standardizes the payment process for all payment service providers and payment methods through a standardized API. This allows you to expand easily into new markets by adding new payment methods or new payment processors with just one click. Based on the standardized payment flow, the main goal of wallee is to provide added value by connecting the merchants’ tools or adding additional features through integrated apps such as automated invoice printing with Pingen or reconciliation connection to ERPs.





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