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Connect your Plentymarkets shop to wallee and get connected to over 40 different payment processors to process local and international payment methods.

Plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system, that combines shop software with stock management and advanced multi-channel technology. Plentymarkets 7 comes with the new plugin system Ceres. This system is the official template plugin for the standard webshop. The design can be adjusted to your needs. wallee is one of the first plugins which enables Plentymarkets user to connect to a big selection of Payment Service Providers.

”wallee is one of the first plugins which enables Plentymarkets user to connect to a big selection of Payment Service Providers. ”

Payment Page wallee


When we built the wallee integration for Plentymarkets we had the simplicity of the integration and the look and feel in our main focus:

  • The wallee integration is simple. All you need is a Plentymarkets and wallee account as well as a contract with the PSP you prefer. You can download the extension directly for free from the GitHub Repository or the plentyMarketplace. Follow the integration guide to get the plugin working.
  • The plugin will forward your client to the payment page of wallee. This page can be fully customized according to the merchant's need alongside with the documents and emails that can be sent by wallee.
  • With the integrated resource editor you’ve got the option to modify the look and feel of the pages; as e.g. adding your logo, change colors to fit your corporate design and the different sales channels.
  • Once you’ve connected your store to wallee you can make use of a variety of features like e.g. cloud printing where the documents and invoices will be printed directly on your local printer. wallee can create your customizable invoices, e-mails or any other document and send them directly to your customer.
  • You can make use of local payment schemes like ISR payment in Switzerland where we generate the ISR payment slip and take care of all the further processing steps like the dunning of open invoices or automatic reconciliation of payment records.

Have a look at all the features that stay directly at your disposal by simply integrating the payment plugin for Plentymarkets.

Expand into new markets

Once you are connected to the wallee payment hub you can easily scale your business. Additional payment methods or processors can be added with a click. For all the payment methods we offer the necessary after-sales process. For ISR you do have the option to also use the dunning feature to remind your customers automatically. If you want to change the look and feel of the payment pages just change them inside wallee. A deployment process is not needed.

Full integration of refunds/returns

You can do refunds or returns directly in the order management of your store. Once you are connected to the plugin, it fully integrates into the flows of your Plentymarkets shop. In case you want to create a return or a refund you can do this directly out of the backend of your shop. If the setup has been done properly - the refund will be transmitted automatically to the processor.

Overview order management

Simple Pricing

You can start at 3.95 EUR which includes 300 transactions. In case you need additional features you can change to a bigger subscription at any time. Have a look at our pricing to convince yourself.

Connect your Plentymarkets shop in a few clicks

The setup of the plugin is simple and can be done in just a few steps:

  1. After creating a wallee account and set up a space, you need to create an application user that is allowed to access the space you want to link to the Plentymarkets shop. Navigate to your account > application user and create your application user. The user ID and the authentication key will be shown to you. You need to save the information in the backend of your shop in plugins > configuration.
  2. Setup at least one processor, one payment method and a connector configuration. More information about the processor concept can be found in the documentation.
  3. Then you need to activate the payment methods you’ve activated in your space.
  4. For the transaction processing you’ll be forwarded to the payment page of wallee. You can design this page with the help of TWIG templates. More information can be found in the documentation.


To get a feeling of how the store works and how it looks like, you can do some testings with this demo store. Alternatively you can have a look at our screencast tutorial that shows you how easy the integration in your Plentymarkets store is and how it looks like.


If you have any remaining questions do not hesitate to contact us.





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