Resource Editor

POSTED ON: January 29 2018

Resource Editor

During the last couple of weeks, the resource editor has been updated and enhanced according to your needs as merchant. The main issue with the existing resources was that it was not simple enough to adapt and customize the resources like emails, documents, payment pages etc. within wallee. That's why we changed that. You do not need any coding knowledge anymore and you are enable to preview your changes directly.

The goal of this post is to summarize the changes and improvements we introduced with the upgraded editor and settings page.

The new resource editor comes with a simple settings page that allows you to change the basic look and feel parameters and get a preview of it.

Preview mode

On the one hand, there’s a new preview mode available. Each change to the resources can now be previewed in the preview window next to the editor. You simply need to save the changes to update the preview and therefore be able to see the latest version.

Secondly, the settings page allows you to modify the most important look and feel settings based on the context witout any coding knowledge. You are able to switch between general, web, e-mail and document settings. Depending on the context, there are different options to style the output. This allows everyone to adapt the resources easy and fast.

Preview mode


We improved the publishing process. You can now publish snapshots. This allows you to change resources also in your live shop and preview them. As soon as you’ve changed some of the details, you can first save these changes and see them in the preview on the right side. When you’re happy with this version, you can save this new snapshot. Once the snapshot is published, the new resources will be loaded automatically.

Snapshots allow you to publish multiple changes at once in your live system.

”If you use the in-built resource editor, you are able to change all the documents as you need them."

Snapshots also allow you to track your changes. If you are no longer happy with a change or something has been changed unwillingly, you’re still able to see and restore the older versions. However, the moment you’re deleting the older snapshots manually, only the most current one will be left. This action cannot be undone.

Overview Snapshots - Restore to previous versions

Improved Testing Facility

When you changes to resources that can not be previewed in the preview mode or in case you want to see your changes directly in your environment we also improved the testing facility. With wallee, you've got two main options: You can either use a device based test configuration, which enables you to force the test mode for a specific device, which is identified by a cookie. In other words you can enforce to preview not published changes based on your device configuration. When you checkout with your device the staged changes will only visible for you.

Option 1: Device based test configuration

The second option is to use a customer based test configuration. Choosing this option, you can active the testing environment for only one specific customerId. Whenever you checkout using this customer id you will see the the unpublished changes. More details about the setup and usage can be found in our testing documentation.

Editor vs. Settings Page

Advanced users can still use the editor to modify the TWIG files directly. Also here we introduced the preview mode.

If you are more experienced in TWIG, CSS and HTML you can change these underlying TWIG files to get more control over the styling and the elements. The preview mode helps you to see the impact of the change. More information about the TWIG language can be seen in the TWIG documentation.

How to upgrade

First, you need to update the version. As we introduced new variables, the old template files are no longer compatible with the new resource editor. The changes of V1 will be lost and need to be added again. To activate the new editor you need to update to the latest version inside the feature.

Update notification for users with older accounts


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us.





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