POSTED ON: April 11 2018


We’ve got some news: wallee now works with the payment processor TWINT. In case you do not know what TWINT is. It is Switzerland’s digital wallet.

Using TWINT makes the payment processes easier during any online shopping experience as well as at the POS. Let’s say you’re out with some friends and you don’t want to make it more complicated and start to calculate everyone's part. Instead of doing that, one can simply pay the whole amount and all the others can transfer their part immediately in real time via TWINT through their smartphone to his/her bank account. TWINT is also available in e-commerce shops to pay for your goods and services. This makes TWINT a multi-channel, digital payment method. Thanks to wallee you can now accept TWINT in your online shop in an easy way.

Mobile Payment on Desktop and Mobile Phones

wallee makes your TWINT acceptance also mobile ready. In case you checkout on your desktop you will be shown a QR Code or a token that you can type into your app to pay. In case you are using your mobile phone to shop online we are going to automatically recognize this and provide you with the app switch. In other words your installed TWINT app on your phone will be opened and you can authorize the payment directly in the app. In case you are a wallee merchant this is all included and done automatically.

Create your TWINT Account

As of now you can select wallee as payment provider in TWINT. This makes the sign up easy and fast for you as a new merchant. Below we outlined the necessary steps to create your TWINT Account and start to process payments.

  • You can create your own account by visiting the TWINT portal. This login is required to connect the account to your online shop.
  • Create an online shop when clicking on create online shop to register your shop. Fill out the required data.
  • Click on online shop to register

  • As a next step, choose the integration option PSP (payment service provider) and select wallee from the list.

    Choose wallee from the list

  • At the end of this registration process, you will get the TWINT UUID.
  • Copy the UUID for the setup

Once you are finished with the steps. All you need to do is to setup your TWINT processor and provide the UUID and you are able to process payments. More information about the signup process can be found in the TWINT Processor Documentation.


By the way if you want to integrate TWINT easily into your online shop like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce we do offer you out-of-the-box payment plugins. Have a look at our Integration Page to see the full list.


If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us.





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