wallee & GDPR

POSTED ON: May 25 2018

wallee & GDPR

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and GTC’s to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also to give you as much insights into the usage of your data. Therefore, we created a special landing page for all topics around the new regulation.

In this blogpost we’re covering the topic GDPR in general as well as our updates in terms of privacy policy to give you an understanding how we secure your data and the data of your customers.

About GDPR

From now on, the new GDPR regulation is the regulation that needs to be considered in terms of data privacy. The new law will not be applied in the EU only but worldwide. Every company or person which is offering products and/or services or analyses data from EU citizens needs to pay attention to this new regulation.

If you’re based in Switzerland, we suggest to check all the processes in terms of data privacy and adjust them to the new regulation. Also as a Swiss company that is offering services to European customers you might be affected. That’s why we suggest to update all the information on your website, newsletter etc. during these days and not with the upcoming change of the Swiss law.

Why we need to work together!

First and foremost you as merchant are responsible for the data security of your customers. However, in order to process your payments you are sharing data with us. Therefore, it is important that you have a look at our order processing contract which is now part of our general terms and conditions. In the order processing contract we inform you in details how we treat and secure the data of your customers and what the procedure is in case customers want to delete data.

Your data is secure!

Your data is stored securely on our servers and we treat payment data the same way we treat your customers and your personal data. PCI DSS is for us the guiding and concretising framework to keep your data safe. More information about security and PCI DSS can be found on our payment security page.

What has changed?

We’ve been working on our updated privacy policy during the last weeks to be able to give you even more transparency when it comes to our services. Besides that, we also added the order processing contract to the attachment of our general terms valid as from now. All the documents and additional information around GDPR are available on the GDPR landing page.

As shortcut here direct links to the relevant documents:


The whole information about the policies can be found on the mentioned website on wallee. If there are any questions left about the topic GDPR and data privacy get in touch with us.





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