Dunning and Debt Collection

Find out how wallee helps you to efficiently collect your outstanding invoices or remind your customers automatically.

Dunning and Debt Collection

In most European countries invoice is still one of the most popular payment methods in online shops. Depending on your customers you are able to increase your conversion significantly when you offer invoice to your clients. However, there are basically two factors that withholds merchants from offering invoice to customers. One of them is an efficient risk assessment of your clients and the second one is the efficient handling of invoices including dunning and reconciliation of in-payments.

Invoice Document Creation

In order for your clients to pay the invoice you will have to create an invoice document that is accepted by the tax authorities and that contains all important information so that your customer is able to pay the invoice and that you are able to reconcile the open invoice efficiently. In order to do that wallee offers the document handling feature that lets you design and create your own PDF invoices and send them to your client after a successful order.

We offer a standard invoice template that you can use to modify according your standards. The template contains all relevant information for your customer to pay the invoice including tax information. You can easily create your own look and feel based on this template using the built in resource editor. All templates are written in .twig files.

Get more information about Document Handling here.

Dunning and Reconciliation

One of the major challenges with invoice is the efficient handling of payments of your customers and the handling of open invoices. Invoices that are generated with wallee contain a payment reference for your customer to identify the paid invoice for your in your E-Banking. In case you are selling to Switzerland we support the ISR Payment Slips that handle the payments on your account automatically based on the ISR number that is printed on the invoice.

The dunning management is the other big challenge for merchants. This is why we integrated also a dunning process that lets you create dunning flows and dunning levels based on your preferences. You can set a dunning fee and a default rate that will automatically be added on top of the invoice when your client's invoice is overdue. Select between some of the predefined flows depending on Swiss, German and Austrian Law, where the legally accepted default rates are synced automatically or choose your generic flow where everything can be configured based on your preferences.

Adding a dunning level is done within just a few clicks. After you setup your dunning flow you can add different dunning levels and choose the delivery mode. You can choose between different delivery methods. This means we can send the document directly via E-Mail or print them directly on your printer (Learn more about cloud printing). Of course you can also define different templates for the different dunning levels.

Learn more about Dunning within the documentation.

Guaranteed Invoice

In case you do not want to take the counter party risk of loss but you still do want to offer invoice in your shop then have a look at our list of invoice processors. Most of them guarantee the accepted amount of the invoices. In this case the creation of the invoice document as well as dunning is not necessary.

You can find the list in this part of the documentation.

Debt Collection and Chargeback Handling

Once an invoice can not be collected after all the dunning flow levels were exceeded the invoice will be discarded inside wallee. We are currently working on a process to automatically or manually send them to a debt collection partner of your choice to further process them through legal collection.

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