Recurring payments and subscriptions

Find out how you can use wallee as a subscription and recurring billing tool to organize and handle subscriptions for services or recurring charges for your products.

Handle Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

We are aware that subscriptions are important in the digital age. Based on an IDC study, 65% of the world’s largest enterprises will soon be committed to become information-based companies, shifting their organizational focus from product sales to ongoing services. Furthermore, Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 80% of software providers will have shifted to subscription-based business models. In short, subscription based services become increasingly important. This is why wallee will give you the right tools at hand to manage the challenges in the subscription business.

Charge Flows

We offer two different ways to handle recurring payments. One of them are Charge Flows where you request the payment and we take care of charging your customer and also handle all failure cases and collect outdated payment details.

In case you are selling physical goods on a recurring model and you need somebody that efficiently takes care of collecting payment information then Charge Flows is the solution you are looking for. We know that selling physical goods works different than selling a service, which normally happens directly in your shopping cart. Once you've triggered the order, capturing the payment and updating payment information is not that easy especially in case the stored payment information is no longer up to date.

If you use Charge Flows, we will handle the collection of your payment details in case they are not up to date. All you need to do is to invoke a Charge Flow via our API and we are going to charge the token or collect the payment information from your customer based on the flow you defined. This means we are also going to remind him multiple times in case you wish to do so. Once the payment was successful or when the collection of payment details failed we are going to inform you via a web hook call about the results. But you do no longer have to worry about the different collection processes. The good thing is that we also standardize this along all available processors and payment methods.

Get more information about the dealing with charge flows here.

Subscription As A Service

wallee offers you the tools to handle subscriptions. In case you are selling a service or product and you are looking for somebody that manages your subscriber, upgrades, the payments and the caclulation of outstanding fees, then the subscription feature is what you are looking for.

Learn how you can create products, recurring cycles, subscribers and create charges for usage based pricing. You can use these features standalone via our browser-based user interface or you use our API in order to connect your service to synchronize your systems and let your customers use the self-service for upgrades, updates, cancel subscriptions etc.

Create Products and Product Versions

Create as many products and product versions as you wish. A product consists of a product and a product version your subscriber subscribes to. A subscriber can only subscribe to one active product version. The other product versions can be obsolete or retired. This means we also manage the migration of your customers that are subscribed to other versions of your product with other characteristics. If you want to retire subscribers and switch them to another product or another product version we handle the communication with your customers.

A product consists of components like basic or premium support. To every component you can attach multiple fees:

  • Setup fee for one time that is charged when the customer subscribes.
  • Period fee which is charged regularly for every period.
  • Metered fees for everything which results in a usage-based pricing that depends on the usage of the subscriber.

Manage Subscribers (Upgrades, Downgrades, Termination)

Create and manage your subscribers directly online. You can assign them to the different products. Once they are subscribed they will receive an email to enter their payment information in case those information are not already on file inside wallee.

From the management view you are able to upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscriptions of your customers. We are going to inform the customer directly via email if you wish.

Pricing models: Usage based, Fixed Recurring

We support all different kinds of pricing strategies, that can be mixed together how you wish:

  • Fixed recurring billing where you bill a fixed amount every month.
  • Usage based pricing where you have to create usage reports for the subscribers - manually or via the API.
  • Create pricing tiers and incentivize customers. The more they buy, the cheaper it gets.

Process Payments and Update Payment Information

As payment is our primary expertise you are able to process payments through all supported processors. The stored payment information will be charged based on your recurring rhythm. But we do also make sure that the error cases are handled. If a payment fails, you are able to setup retry and collection strategies where the charge will be tried multiple times and reminder emails will be sent to your customer. If the payment fails again, we can suspend or finally terminate the subscription.

In order to increase your revenue and reduce churn you can also setup charge strategies where you define how and when exactly payments will be charged. Maybe you want to charge your direct debit payments at the end of the month because the chance of sufficient funds is higher. All this can be setup or changed within minutes.

Send a Clean, Clear, and Accurate Invoice - Every Time

Your customers need to know how they’re being billed. An accurate and easy to understand invoice means less calls to the support center and happier customers. Use our provided invoice templates and manage or adjust them with the built-in resource editor that lets you customize your invoice as you wish.

We also track the state of the invoice. In case it is not paid you are able to automize your processes further by setting up the dunning and debt collection and automatically trigger dunning emails. After all, payments and transaction can soon be exported into your account software automatically.

Learn more details about the document handling.

Scale Your Subscription Business

Collect payments through dozens of gateways and use any method, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and even purchase orders. Payment is our proficiency. Our gateway integrations make sure that the recurring payments are flagged accordingly in order to increase your acceptance rate in the network.

You can either create your own boarding flow and integrate our payment acceptance via iframe or payment page or you just send out links to your customers to collect payment information. In addition to processing recurring payments; manage refunds, credits, reconciliation, and other payment-transactions via the API or via our backend.

Service Subscriptions via our API

Depending on your needs you are also able to integrate our subscription product directly via our API. All the operations explained above can also be triggered via the respective API calls. This enables you to create a self-service hub to let your customers modify plans, view past payments, preview invoices, and even check usage. In order to help you to move fast forward we also created SDKs for you or just have a look at our Swagger API definition.

Learn more about Subscription API.

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