Payment Terminals

EC card terminals are an absolute must today. The proportion of cashless payments has been rising for years. This makes it all the more important for merchants to have the right solution for every application.

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The Right Card Reader For Every Area of Application

Standalone Terminals

For most small companies, one terminal is sufficient to start with card payments, that works independently of the cash register. The amount is entered manually via the keyboard. Setup and use are very easy: Simply plug in the cable and your customers can pay quickly and conveniently.

Standalone Terminals

Integrated Terminals

If you have a cash register, an integrated terminal can be used. The maount is transferred to the EC terminal via cash register interfaces. You can choose between a local, XML-based interface, which is easy to integrate, the existing interface via Pepper from Treibauf or newly also the Cloud Cash Register Interface for a network independent use.

Yomani XR Touch

Mobile Terminals

Depending on the model, our mobile terminals have a receipt printer and a SIM card. So you can you carry the devices with you at all times, wherever you need them and use them independently of location.

Mobile Terminals

Vending Machine Terminals

Self-service payment is becoming increasingly popular - whether at the petrol station or at vending machines, in the parking garage or at the self-checkout. Together with our partners we also offer solutions at unattended sales points. All our devices can be connected to the same POS interface can be addressed. Since solutions for vending machines require more specific advice and support we are happy to assist you with all your projects.

Unattended Terminals Support
Apple Pay

Cloud Terminal API

Create completely new checkout experiences. The integration can be hardware-independent via the existing XML interface and can be connected in the local network. Alternatively, we offer a JSON based Cloud Terminal API, which enables you to communicate with the terminal via the cloud. This way you eliminate all issues in the local communication of the network and any limitation of the previously known POS software. Develop your own browser based POS or app based POS software. Integrate quickly and effortlessly checkout flows with JSON API.

Our cash register interface offers you the following advantages:

  • Secure, reliable transaction flow
  • Operating system and location independence with the Cloud API
  • Supports distributed POS systems optimally
  • Use of modern and simple technologies like XML or JSON

Customized Support

We offer a range of packages with the desired flexibility for your needs. No matter what happens: You can count on our professional support anytime and anywhere! Our service packages are individually tailored to your needs.

Support Packages

Advantages of Our EC Card Reader

We already operate more than 30,000 terminals worldwide. We are convinced that with wallee we can provide the necessary terchnology so that you, as a dealer, can meet the new requirements of the digital experiences can fulfill.

Unique shopping experience

  • Acquirer Independent
  • Accepts all international brands (Visa / VPAY / Maestro / Mastercard / AMEX / Diners / China Union Pay)
  • Digital Wallets Supported (GooglePay / ApplePay / SamsungPay / TWINT etc.)
  • Supports PostCard in Switzerland
  • Optional functions for tipping
  • Self-service for the customization of document heads, logos etc
  • Hardware can be exchanged at the touch of a button, regardless of location, thanks to cloud technology
  • Pre-loaded, local payment methods (lunch check, gift cards, etc)
  • Generate tokens at POS and use credit cards online for subscriptions and e-commerce transactions (soon)

Future-proof / Reliable

  • Experience - We already have over 30'000 terminal installations worldwide
  • Remote updates in real time
  • Centralized, extensive data


  • Offline processing with floor limits
  • New checkout experience thanks to Cloud Terminal API
  • Where necessary, we supply the terminals with international SIM cards including data packages


Start today into the new world of POS payments and accept card payments on our payment terminals.