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EC payment terminals are an absolute must today. Here, you can find out more why wallee is the right solution for acceptance of payments at the terminal.

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The Right Card Reader For Every Area of Application

Standalone Terminals

For most small companies, one terminal is sufficient to start with card payments, that works independently of the cash register. The amount is entered manually via the keyboard. Setup and use are very easy: Simply plug in the cable and your customers can pay quickly and conveniently.

Standalone Terminals

Integrated Terminals

If you have a cash register, an integrated terminal can be used. The maount is transferred to the EC terminal via cash register interfaces. You can choose between a local, XML-based interface, which is easy to integrate, the existing interface via Pepper from Treibauf or newly also the Cloud Cash Register Interface for a network independent use.

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Mobile Terminals

Depending on the model, our mobile terminals have a receipt printer and a SIM card. So you can you carry the devices with you at all times, wherever you need them and use them independently of location.

Mobile Terminals

Vending Machine Terminals

Self-service payment is becoming increasingly popular - whether at the petrol station or at vending machines, in the parking garage or at the self-checkout. Together with our partners we also offer solutions at unattended sales points. All our devices can be connected to the same POS interface can be addressed. Since solutions for vending machines require more specific advice and support we are happy to assist you with all your projects.

Unattended Terminals Support
Apple Pay

EC Cards terminals

EC terminals are among the most important stations in a retail store and enable payment on site. Cash is no longer the most popular way of convenient payment. With the spread of wallets such as TWINT or ApplePay, cashless payment is becoming easier and faster. As a result, customers have become accustomed to having terminals at their disposal at all times and everywhere, saving them the tedious search for the right ATM.

Why should you offer EC card readers?

In this article we show you waht is important.

  • Customers increasingly demand EC card readers even in small shops - why?
  • Accept cashless payments from your customers, even on a small budget
  • Pay attention to the following points when selecting a card reader
  • Why we believe wallee is the right choice for you

In most shops customers can buy their bill cashless with either a debit or credit card.

Customers now expect cashless payment options everywhere. Even for small amounts, for example at kiosks, bakeries, etc. The convenience digital wallets, such as TWINT or Apple Pay, have brought cashless payments into our everyday focus.

The pricing is very simple. Wallee charges you only a small monthly amount for the support, the maintenance of the platform, the plugins and a very small transaction fee. Depending on your integration model, an additional percentage or fixed costs will incur from your payment processors.

Advantages For Customers and Merchants

Both buyer and merchant benefit from a modern EC card reader. The payment process at the cash register is faster, especially if the acceptance is done via NFC. The tedious search for small change is no longer necessary. In addition, the risk of receiving counterfeit money, as a merchant, is massively reduced.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that cash also implicitly incurs major costs. On the one hand, money may disappear from employees or from thieves who rob shops. On the other hand, there is also the case that many banks charge fees when depositing cash.

Modern Payment Systems Are Secure

By entering the PIN, the buyer confirms the payment. The device establishes a connection to the cardholder's bank and checks whether the payment can be executed. In the case of NFC, below the allowance, the payment will be released directly. You, as a merchant, are liable under the card-issuing company's liability regulations bank, however, in this case are also protected against fraud. Within the framework of the European regulation PSD2, additional security will also be provided here, as cardholders, also in the case of NFC payments, are regularly requested to enter their PIN.

Increase Turnover Through Card Payments

The number of cashless transactions is increasing every year. The number of terminals in the individual shops are increasing daily. As already mentioned, more and more customers want to pay their bills by credit or debit card, seeing in many cases you no longer have a wallet with you but instead your card.

When a customer sees at the entrance that they are able to with his credit card, they often decide to make impulse purchases. Foreign tourists are also more likely to enter shops if they can pay with their credit card. Therefore, shops should not only have a reader for EC cards, but also offer payment with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

How Much Does an EC Device Cost?

You have the choice between purchase or leasing of the device. Depending on the area of application, the costs vary massively. There are numerous differences whether the machine has a receipt printer or not. By the way, this is mandatory for fiscalisation.

The various offers from modern providers without a monthly fee implicitly compensate for this by means of higher acceptance fees. Already with a small turnover is often worth switching providers. Acceptance fees for Visa / MasterCard with our monthly models are often at 1 - 1.5%, compared to 2.5%, which makes this with a turnover of 100 EUR, a fee of 1 EUR already.

We offer card readers from 39 CHF onwards. After opening the account you can start immediately. You will receive the device within 2-3 days sent to your preferred location, for example the shop location. You can choose your device directly in our Terminal Shop.

Why wallee?

Our Wallee EC Terminals are very simple and easy to use. The seller/merchant enters the amount of the transaction directly on the terminal device and the EC Cash card reader connects automatically with wallee for transaction processing. You can also integrate our terminals very easily into your cash register.

Many merchants are also increasingly selling online. Wallee offers the possibility of online payments via the same platform in your webshop. For this purpose, numerous integrations / plugins into a number of shop systems are available, which you can enable at the click of the mouse.


Start today into the new world of POS payments and accept card payments on our payment terminals.