Payments with EC Terminals

Cashless payments have now become a given in the retail sector. More and more customers now expect to be able to pay cashless even at the smallest corner shops. Anyone who rejects this trend, is at the risk of losing out on customers in the long run. Meanwhile, rising scepticism in merchants, due to the higher costs of EC terminals, are justifiable.

Flexible Cashless Payments with EC Terminals

What Exactly is an EC Terminal?

EC Terminal is the abbreviation for Electronic Cash Payment Terminal. The terminal devices are for processing payments done by credit cards and EC cards.

Electronic Cash Terminals exist as stationary and mobile models. The payment transactions are mostly carried out via PIN (personal identification number) which works like a password. It is advised that the PIN number or PIN code be treated as strictly confidential by the owner of the card.

The EC terminals first read the chip on the card, where encrypted details of the account can be found. The terminal then contacts the customer’s bank via an internet connection. EC systems process extremely sensitive data, for which they are specifically certified.

The authorization system gives the amount, the transaction is stored and carried out by the EC device. The merchant is then credited with the requested amount. The whole transaction also checks if the customer has sufficient coverage on their account. Depending on the EC cash partner, the merchant will be credited the amount within a few days after the transaction is made or collectively at the end of a week or month.

In addition to the uncomplicated payment method, an Electronic Cash Terminal offers the great advantage for the merchant that they have less cash in their hands, thus resulting in the reduction of risk of loss or even theft.


You have multiple ways to integrate our terminals.

  1. All our terminals can be used in the stand alone mode. This means that the amount to be charged via the terminal has to be entered manually
  2. You have the option to integrate the terminal via our proprietary local XML interface via TCP/IP or you simply use the Pepper integration from Treibauf
  3. Last but not least we do also offer a way to integrate the terminals via our cloud api. The cloud api allows you to send transaction to the device by sending the information to the JSON endpoint in the cloud and then receiving the information automatically on your terminal

Wallee Device and Overview of Your Transactions

By setting up your wallee device, you will have a wallee space, or portal, to which you can log into and have an overview of your transactions, among other things. See the number of devices, as well as their locations, in your wallee space and manage everything from one point of access.

How To Set It Up

Depending on what device you have gone for, you will find the setup pretty straight forward. Download the user manual here for your respective devices and follow the initialisation setup. Wallee devices can accept those payment types you have configured with your acquiring partner, including MasterCard, VISA, American Express, as well as EC-Cards with Maestro and V-Pay. Please enquire about PostFinance separately, should this be of interest to you.

Secure Payment Procedure

The wallee terminal device for EC cards and credit cards always offers you the most up to date highest security standards. The data transfer takes place immediately via an encrypted connection using state-of-the-art technology.

Ease of Use

With wallee, you literally have everything in your hands. It is as simple as plug and go. As already mentioned, with your wallee space, have an overview of your transactions and your products with the ease of a mouse click.

EC Terminals - What Are You Waiting For?

Get in touch today with a member of our support team and we will gladly help you find the right device for your needs.