EC Terminal.

With the wallee terminal, you accept distance and physical payments via an interface. The wallee Cloud Terminal was developed for state of the art merchants who want to unify payments across channels. This can be done via a simple JSON API to achieve a better customer experience.

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Omnichannel / Multichannel / Pay

Accept payments in the face-to-face and distance business via a simple standardized API and certified hardware. All terminals are certified (EMV, EP2,...) and therefore enable the acceptance of the international payment brands (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, VPAY) as well as individual national payment methods such as TWINT, PostFinance.

With the wallee POS solution you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Acquirer Independent (SIX, Concardis, BSPayone, PostFinance, many more).
  • Competitive Service packages and rental prices for modern hardware.
  • Thin Client - Devices can be exchanged on the fly thanks to our terminal technology. This allows us to simplify the replacement process massively and to offer devices at a reasonable price.
  • Self-Service - Administrate your terminals yourself. Customize tip function, document header, fleet management, etc.

Custom Checkout

Integrate the terminals via a standardized JSON API or use the terminal stand-alone with manual amount entry on the device. For traditional cash register integrations, over 100 direct POS integrations already exist or you can integrate via Pepper (treibauf AG).

Integrated Flows

Integrate POS Payments seamlessly into your infrastructure and create seamless payment experiences. Enable customer experience in every sales channel - with a single payment platform.

Next Generation Payment:

  • Recognize customers across channels and enable a unique shopping experience by making payment information available across all channels.
  • Recognize your customers across channels and reward the right ones.
  • Combine all technologies in one platform (E-Commerce, POS and In-APP payments).
Apple Pay

Cloud Terminal API

Create completely new checkout experiences. The integration can be hardware-independent via the existing XML interface and can be connected in the local network. Alternatively, we offer a JSON based Cloud Terminal API, which enables you to communicate with the terminal via the cloud. This way you eliminate all issues in the local communication of the network and any limitation of the previously known POS software. Develop your own browser based POS or app based POS software. Integrate quickly and effortlessly checkout flows with JSON API.

JSON Terminal API

Certified Hardware

The devices are PCI (EMV Level 3) certified hardware with the corresponding security and quality seals. They offer end-to-end encryption, international cards (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX/JCB/CUP) including Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as national payment schemes such as PostFinance.

Our hardware


Start today into the new world of POS payments and accept card payments on our payment terminals.