Automated Accounting

Find out how we completely automate the accounting and reconciliation process of orders in your shopping cart for all major payment methods like credit card, PayPal and many more. Allowing you to allocate your time and costs more efficiently.

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Automated Accounting

Accounting for your webshop introduces challenges on your side. First and foremost you have to integrate the sales from your online business correctly into your accounting tool in order to report your turnover and VAT correctly to the authorities. Secondly you will receive payments on your bank account from the different payment methods in a regular payout. However, those payments are bulk payment without any reference to the order in your shop. This is why accounting for credit cards, PayPal, DirectDebits, etc is so challenging.

Works out of the box

Exporting transactions from your online shop into your accounting software (like SAP, Bexio, Sage, Abacus, etc.) is challenging and expensive. You do no longer need to do this we offer the option to record all transaction in our subledger that you are able to export and import into your accounting software.

Save a lot of time and resources

If you create the ledger entries related to a payment on your bank account this can easily take up to 5-10 minutes of your time. If you use our automated accounting feature we automatically create the ledger entries for you. You have time for other tasks.

The simplest accouting integration

Our integration works with all major online shops out of the box. Once you have connected your webshop using our payment plugins for (Magento, Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, etc) we automatically fetch the transaction reports and create the ledger entries for you once you activate the feature - no configuration needed.

No ERP Integration Needed

Once activated wallee tracks your revenue and the payments that you receive the acquirers and payment methods you processed via us. This data allows us to provide you with data that contains all revenue, costs, VAT etc. you processed via us. This data is available as report or via our API. You can simply import that data in the accounting software of your choice (Sage, Bexio, Navision, SAP, etc).

Works with all major payment methods

The automated accounting also works with all common payment methods, which can be directly processed via wallee. Prerequisite is that the reconciliation / settlement files are transferred to wallee. from the processor, so that these can be processed automatically by us. Find information about the setup you in the documentation or through our Suppport.

Currently we do support the following payment methods for automated accounting:

  • Credit Card
  • PostFinance Card / PostFinance E-Finance
  • PayPal
  • ESR Invoice / MF Group secured Invoice

Multi Channel (Terminals, Webshop)

Did you already do an integration into your accounting software or are you accepting payments via different channels (Terminals, Face2Face) that are not processed via wallee. We do work with partners in order to provide you with a fully fledged reconciliation solution that also reconciles payments processed via Terminals or other channels

In order to integrate multiple payment channels or in case you already connected your online shop to your accounting / ERP tool we are working with a partner that has integrations into Abacus, MS Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Topal, etc

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