Cloud Printing

Print invoices, packing slips and other documents over the cloud through cloud printing services. This allows you to streamline and automate your processes by printing automatically the documents where ever you need them.

Print the Documents Directly from wallee

Cloud Printing allows you to print documents wherever you need directly from the application using your standard hardware. This allows you to automate the processes in different departments of your company.

Use Your Standard Hardware

Use wallee to print invoices, packings slips and other documents over the cloud through cloud printing services.

Google Cloud Print is used internally by Google on over a thousand printers. It can scale to meet your organization’s needs, and can either complement or replace your existing printing infrastructure. There are no additional costs for using the service.

Documents are transferred over a secure HTTPS connection.

Google Cloud Print works with conventional non-cloud printers, so you can get started today with any printer you already own. Just make sure that you connect your printer via Chrome to your Google Account.

You get the information about the setup here.

With Cloud Ready Printers the Google Cloud Print experience is ready right out of the box. Cloud Ready printers register themselves directly with the Google Cloud Print service over your home or office’s wireless network. They have the advantage that they are always available even if your desktop computer is offline. You can also create a CUPS server for this purpose.

Automate the Printing / Packaging Process

You can choose selectively which documents should be printed at what order stage in the process. Based on this setting the document is printed automatically. This allows you for instance to automate your packaging processing by automatically print packaging slips on your packaging station.

Print Complex Documents from Different Trays

For some documents it might be required to print the last page from a different printer tray. A common example is the ISR Payment slip that is used in Switzerland where the payment slip with the reference number is printed on a special template. This is generally the last page of the invoice and printed from a different tray.

Archive Documents

You can use the Google Cloud Print feature also to archive documents directly in your Google Drive directory for long time storage.

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