Debt Collection

wallee is now able to process the full invoice workflow from invoice generation to dunning including debt collection.

Debt Collection

wallee is now able to process the full invoice workflow from invoice generation to dunning including debt collection. You can see results in case the whole dunning process of unpaid orders did not lead to the payment of the open invoice. Automate your invoice flow without any additional API integration or developer knowledge.

All in One

  1. Invoice: wallee generates your PDF invoice with all the necessary payment information on it. In Switzerland we are also able to add reference numbers for automatic reconciliation (Learn more about ESR)
  2. Dunning: Define the payment term on your invoice. All outstanding invoices will be reminded automatically. You can send emails or print documents via cloud printing (Learn more about Document Handling)
  3. Debt Collection: Last but not least you are able to legally collect outstanding invoices by sending the claim to one of the integrated debt collection processors which will then further process your claim.

Automate Your Invoicing Process

Offering invoice as a payment method in your business adds organizational requirements to a company. As a merchant you need to be able to create and deliver customizable invoice documents to your customer. The second challenge is to reconcile incoming payments on your bank account and start to remind outstanding invoices with a customizable dunning flow. And last but not least you want to have a tool to manage claims which need to be collected legally. In order to scale this into different regions and to manage a high number of invoices you need a tool that allows you to automate those challenges as good as possible. wallee solves your challenges here:

Cretae PDF Invoices

Send (Email) Reminder

Debt Collection

Easy Setup

The feature is available in the Advanced and Business Package. You just need to activate it in your wallee space. There is no need to integrate an additional API. You can setup the dunning flows and debt collection processes directly over the user interface.

Manage Invoices and Chargebacks

Debt collection is available for invoices that could not be collected successfully. Furthermore, it is available for all payment methods, where the customer did initiate a chargeback. Once we receive the information about the chargeback we create a debt collection case automatically.


The integration into debt collection is available for all merchants integrated to the wallee platform on advanced or business subscription. The integration is easy. You can either choose from our existing and pre-built shop plugins or you use our SDKs. For an overview visit our integrations page.

Outsource Debt Collection

We’re just about to integrate different debt collectors. You have always the option to manage your debt collection case manually. Alternatively, there is a variety of pre-integrated debt collection processors. More information about the available companies can be found on our debt collection overview.

Independent Debt Collection Cases

Normally, wallee will create the debt collection cases automatically based on your invoice transactions or chargebacks. However, we do also provide an API to create cases that you might have from your other systems. Have a look at the debt collection API in order to get an overview about the processes and the technical integration.

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