Document Handling

We do not stop at processing payments. wallee is also able to send fully customizable order emails, invoices or any other documents that you want to send to your client. Everything can be fully customized via our built in ressource editor.

Document Handling

Our mission is to change the way merchants sell. We know that a successful merchant faces additional problems than just accept payments. The creation of documents is a key for payment processing but also for every subsequent communication with your client. This is why a powerful document handling is one area where we want to add additional values for merchants and their developers.

Add Dynamic Payment Information to the PDF

Alternative payment methods like invoices (or Boleto Bancario in Brazil) require a scalable way to handle documents as you are required by the provider to print additional information on PDFs like dynamically assigned payment details. This is typically very hard to implement in standard shopping carts.

In case you use our document feature you can also handle the Swiss specific ISR payment slips where you print a payment reference on the invoice that allows you to match payments from your customers automatically.

Easily customize your documents

Customizing PDF documents can be very hard in shopping carts as they often do not provide an easy to edit this documents. Our built-in resource editor lets you fully customize the document. You can easily modify texts or import your template as PDF.

Choose from a variety of localized templates and then adjust the texts and design for the different countries and languages by just switching into the different views.

Place a QR code on your invoices or reminders using the Instant Invoice Payment feature and allow your customers to pay easily outstanding payments using another payment method.

wallee sends customizable order e-mails, invoices, reminders directly to your customer.

Create dunning cases and send reminders

In case you are processing invoices yourself you want to use our dunning feature that allows you to automatically remind your customers of open invoices. In case you use our document feature we create for you reminder documents and invoices on the different levels with additional fees and fully adjustable reminder texts.

Document delivery

Last but not least we offer two ways to deliver the documents to your client. You can either print the document or send it via email.

Deliver via Email

You have the choice to use our reliable servers or simply connect wallee to your email server to send the documents via your infrastructure.

Print over the cloud

For a postal delivery use our cloud print service to print the documents over the cloud directly on your printer whenever you receive a new order or open a dunning case.

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