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Quickly integrate all major payment methods using one of our free plugins, or build your own integtration with our robust and standardized API.

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Accept Payments

Quickly integrate all major payment methods using one of our free plugins, or build your own payment plugins with our robust yet simple API. Our API is fully standardized which allows you to add payment methods or additional payment processors with just one click.

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Easy Onboarding

Request your payment contracts online. Once you successfully setup your account the onboarding assistant will create automatically all test accounts. Once you are ready you are able to request and sign all payment contracts online and you should be onboarded within days depending on the payment method.

Built for Merchants and Agencies

We offer a competitive pricing to accept payments. All our plans also include support for plugins. As an agency you do no longer have to deal with multiple provider. We know what you need.

Free Supported Plugins

We built packages and plugins, so you can build on our expertise and integrate Payments quickly into your project. Our packages are completely open-source and freely available to everyone. As we built the plugin ourselves we are able to support them and update them regularly.

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Seamless Online Payments Anywhere

Create beautiful and integrated checkout flows where your customer does not have to leave your checkout cart. Accept payments anywhere, on any device with a secure online payment solution.

Create beautiful and integrated checkout flows with customizable payment pages or iFrame option.

Seamless payment integration

The seamlessly integrated solution without redirection to the payment page allows to embody the payment form directly in your checkout and while staying fully PCI compliant.

Mobile App Payments

Create seamless ecommerce, in-app, web and mobile payment experiences. We offer payment SDKs for Android and Apple to create a fully native and secure online payment experience in your mobile app.

Mobile SDKs

One-click recurring Payments

One-click checkout increases your conversion as the payment information of your customer can be securely stored for further purchases so that the next time your customer is able to pay directly using the token. We do also offer a solution for subscriptions and recurring payments for SaaS platforms and recurring business models.

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More than payments

wallee provides an extensive set of tools to automate your business processes around payment acceptance as merchant. This allows you to focus on doing what you can do best - selling your products.

E-Mail handling

wallee takes care of your payment related e-mails and automatically sends out all emails related to payments. You do no longer need to setup your email infrastructure. All communication towards your customers can be adapted to your needs with our resource editor. No worries absolutely no programming knowledge needed.

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Customize Documents

In case you want to send out invoice documents to your customers we also take care of this. Customize your documents according your needs with our easy to use WYSIWYG-Editor.

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All documents that wallee creates can automatically be printed via the cloud or sent to hybrid mail services that automatically print and send the letters via post services.

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Accounting and Reconciliation

Accounting for a lot of payment methods is a pain. You receive bulk payments on your bank account that contains transactions with different VAT and from different providers. You need to account for this correctly in your books. We are building a solution that automatically imports the statements of your acquirer and payment methods to create a payment report for your accounting software.

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Insure a secure payment process to your customers

wallee is certified PCI Level 1 which is the highest level of PCI DSS compliance. Using wallee to process payment methods in your online store will help you to significantly reduce your PCI scope and insure a secure payment experience to your customers.

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