eTermin - Your one stop shop solution for appointments.

eTermin allows your customers to access all available appointments online and book one directly - 7 days a week, around the clock. wallee makes it now possible to pay for the appointments online or secure the booking with a reservation.

Manage your appointments and more

Manage your appointments at the click of a button.

eTermin and Wallee

Plan and manage all your appointments in one tool. By digitalising your entire workflow related to appointments and customers, you can automate and manage the whole appointment process. Increase your work efficiency and integrate customer management systems as well as targeted marketing. With the integration to Wallee, you can also manage all your payments related to your appointments.

Thanks to wallee you have the option to directly pay for the appointment online or reserve the booking.

What is eTermin?

eTermin is a smart and multi-functional online appointment scheduling software for all industries.

It is your personal appointment scheduling assistant. Thanks to its integrated customer management and marketing features, a payment option, interfaces with a variety of software applications, customer behavior statistics, and many other features, it is your one-stop-shop solution.

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Versatile and flexible

eTermin is available for all industries. From Healthcare, Hospitality, Events, even to Logistics Services. You can impress your customers with eTermin online appointment booking. The flexibility of this tool allows it to be tailor made for your own and your customers needs. It can be scaled from very simple to fully invidualised to suit your business. A list of functions that you can find in your eTermin are:

  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Confirmation/Reminder
  • Online Appointment Calendar
  • Customer Management
  • Statistics
  • Online Payment at the Appointment Stage
  • Comliant with EU GDPR
  • And many, many more...
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