Intelligent Payment Routing

Increase your conversion and reduce payment rejection by routing the payment to different processors based on certain criteria.

Increase your conversion

Studies show that 59% of shoppers abandon their purchase if they are not presented a suitable choice of payment methods in their checkout. At the same time cross boarder commerce is growing rapidly.

Accept Payments Worldwide

Increase your conversion by accepting payments worldwide through wallee.

This means that a successful merchant is forced to offer a wide variety of different payment methods and on the same time you should make sure that you present a valid selection of payment options to your customer based on the transaction meta-information (like currency, country, etc) you have. In order to achieve this we introduced the concept of conditions that can be applied to payment methods as well as processors to decide whether a payment options should be displayed to the client and then to which processor the transaction should be routed.

In order to master also very complex global scenarios you can choose from various different condition types that can be applied to a transaction. There are different scenarios where conditions can be applied. Here a non extensive list:

  • Selective 3-D Secure depending on the transaction amount.
  • Show additional payment methods to recurring customers.
  • Show local payment methods only when the fitting currency and billing country is set on the transaction.

Here you get the list of all the conditions.

Selective 3D Secure

3D Secure is known as big conversion killer depending on the country you are in on the one hand. But on the other hand it is also a very effective tool to fight fraudsters. With the conditions you are able to selectively apply 3D Secure to certain transactions below a defined transaction amount etc by just applying the filter to your processor configurations.

Make use of local payment processors

The difference in authorization rates between local and international processor can vary up to 40% depending on the selling country. Therefore, partnering with local providers helps you to increase your acceptance rate of valid cards significantly. We offer the option to route transactions based on the Card BIN Ranges or other factors to the provider with the best chance of card acceptance.

Cost optimization

Reduce your acceptance costs by making use of local regulation like the MIF Regulation that caps the interchange fees for consumer cards in Europe. Based on your customer base it may make sense to have an international contract and a domestic contract with your provider to process the different cards separately.

Increase your availability

Increase your availability with the integrated failover handling. In case your primary processor is not available in your region we will automatically switch to your backup processor.

Increase your availability with your backup processor in wallee.

Identify fraudulent transactions

Based on the transaction meta information like ip-address, delivery address, cart value, etc. we are able to flag transactions for further review or you can process additional challenges for those transaction like 3D Secure processing.

We identify fraudulent transactions due to meta information.

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