Wallee Odoo payment plugin

Accept payments seamlessly in your Odoo store with the Wallee Odoo payment plugin.

Global Payment Solution for your Odoo store

Accept payments from customers anywhere in the world with the Wallee Odoo App and process all your payments via a standardized API over a huge selection of payment processors. The look and feel offers a seamlessly integrated solution without redirection to the payment page of the processor.

  • Support and Development by PIT Solutions
  • Compatible with Odoo versions 9/10/11/12/13/14.
  • Robust and scalable payments by Wallee
  • Simple internationalization due to the streamlined and standardized payment process.
wallee enables seamless payment integrations in Odoo

The payment page is seamlessly integrated on mobile or desktop devices (no redirection needed).

Easy Setup and Use

The plugin is supported and developed by our Partner PITS Solutions. You can purchase and download it directly from the Odoo Marketplace. Once the plugin is installed you can start to accept payments. The best thing is you can easily add additional payment processors or payment methods with just one click due to the standardized payment flow.

Scale Your Business

Grow your business by giving your customers their choice of payment options. Wallee combines the most relevant payment methods via one standardized payment API. In case your business grows and you want to explore new markets, simply add payment methods to your Odoo store. No technical changes necessary!

Go Glocal

Deliver a localized experience while keeping a global overview. Assign local payment methods per merchant account in each region. The standardized gateway of Wallee allows you to create a localized payment experience combined with strong tools to route your payments in order to optimize your conversion and reduce your costs.


If you would like to get a first impression about how the store looks like have a look into the Demo Store.

Supported Features for Odoo

The Wallee Odoo plugin supports the following features:

Payment Method Selection in Odoo
Payment Method Pre-validation
Integrated Payment Form
One-click PaymentsLearn more
Trigger Refunds from within Odoo
Multiple Refunds
Trigger Completions from within Odoo
Trigger Partial and Full Completions from within Wallee
Multiple Completions
Dedicated process for suspicious transactions
Process MoTo Transactions
Subscription Handling
Multi-Store Setups
Smart Routing
3-D Secure Payments

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