OpenCart and Alipay Global

Accept payments in your OpenCart store with the Alipay Global Integration. This allows you to accept payments via Alipay Global.

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OpenCart is an open source platform for online shops. There are no downloads, updates or monthly fees needed to use OpenCart as a shopsystem. You can choose from a huge eCommerce selection of 13000+ modules and themes to expand the functionality of your shop. Accept payments in your OpenCart store with the wallee payment plugin. This plugin is compatible with all the available OpenCart versions. The plugin can be retrieved via the GitHub.

wallee connects your OpenCart store and accepts payments securely.

Accept Alipay in Your Currency

With the off-site integration your customer will be redirected to the payment page of Alipay Global where the payment takes place. This allows you to accept Alipay in your local currency.

Integrate local payment methods

The off-site integration makes it possible to accept PayPal payments and credit cards including 3-D Secure. Have a look at the list with other payment methods you can integrate.

PDF invoices and packaging slips

If you are missing the PDF feature for your orders in OpenCart and would like to receive a printed invoice or packing slip, you can either use one of the costly PDF generators in the app store of OpenCart or you start using the documents of wallee to create your customized printouts for your customers.

Synchronize Transactions

In case you installed the wallee app in your shop, activities that you perform in wallee like capturing of payments are automatically synchronized into your store. The wallee app can easily be installed with a click directly from the wallee application backend. You can also refund transactions from OpenCart that will be synced automatically.

wallee enables seamless payment integrations with Alipay Global in OpenCart.

Easy Setup

The setup is easy and can be done in a few steps within some minutes:

  1. After creating a wallee account and set up a space, you need to create an application user that is allowed to access the space you want to link to the OpenCart store. Navigate to your account > application user and create your application user. The user ID and the authentication key will be shown to you.
  2. Setup at least one processor, one payment method and a connector configuration. More information about the processor concept can be found in the documentation.
  3. Configure the plugin directly in the backend of your OpenCart shop. Once you entered the space ID and user credentials the plugin will perform the configuration automatically.
  4. Then you need to activate the payment methods you’ve activated in your space.
  5. For the transaction processing you’ll be forwarded to the payment page of wallee. You can design this page with the help of TWIG templates. More information about that can be found in the documentation.

Should you have trouble in the setup do not hesitate to contact our support.

Requirements and costs

In order to use the OpenCart integration you need to make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You do have an OpenCart and a wallee account.
  2. Get the wallee OpenCart payment plugin.
  3. You are in possession of an Acceptance Contract of an integrated processor.

Our wallee app is completely free and will always be. However, there is a small fee when you use our products and services. A complete overview about the possible options and costs is available on our pricing page.


If you'd like to get a first impression about how the store looks like you can try this demo version.

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