OpenCart and ISR

Accept ISR payments in your OpenCart store with the wallee OpenCart payment plugin including automatic payment synchronisation.

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OpenCart is an open source platform for online shops. You can choose from a huge eCommerce selection of 13000+ modules and themes to expand the functionality of your shop. One of those plugins is the wallee OpenCart Plugin. Accept payments seamlessly in your OpenCart store with the wallee payment plugin without redirection. This plugin is compatible with all the available OpenCart 2.x versions. The plugin can be retrieved via the GitHub or in the OpenCart market place.

Easy Setup

The OpenCart plugin of wallee is very easy to be integrated. Just download the plugin and install it in your OpenCart store as described in the github. All you need to do now, is to configure the ISR data (participant number, address), which you've received from your bank. Beside the invoice reconciliation process wallee offers also all further dunning and collection processes.

Payments are registered automatically

wallee supports the automatic registration of payments in CAMT or v11 files for any Swiss Bank. Doing this, you're automatize all your payment processes. As soon as you receive a payment on your account, the transaction will be reconciled automatically and the status will be synchronized with OpenCart.

Print and send ISR payment slips

The invoice documents including payment slip will be generated through wallee directly. Sure, you're free to adapt these documents to your corporate design and send them directly to your customers via e-mail or print them on your local printer via cloud printing.

Seamless integrated solution

The look and feel offers a fully seamless integrated solution without redirection to the payment page of the processor. You're free to add additional payment processors as PostFinance, Saferpay, Concardis or Datatrans and process transactions through the same plugin.

You can integrate a fully seamless solution without redirection to the payment page of the processor.

Integrated checkout flows

Requirements and costs

In order to use the OpenCart ESR feature you require an advanced subscription.

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