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Easily collect online payments on any website by simply placing an HTML snippet on your website. You can also use it in your existing ERP to send out invoices with the option of online payments.

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Accept Payments Everywhere

Payment Links are an easy way to process transactions and collect payments in case you do not want to implement any backend or use a shopping cart with product management or stock management.

You can use Payment Links to create a mini shop, donation forms, payment forms and many other things to collect payments with the help of a simple HTML form or a QR Code that you place on your website and with absolutely no coding knowledge or API integration required.

Accept Payments On any Website

Use payment links as a solution to sell products on your website. All you place is a simple HTML snippet in your content section. You can therefore place the form in any static content generation tool like Jekyll, Github Pages, Hexo or simple website Builder like WIX, Jimdo or Google Sites and many more.

Collect payments on your Website

If you'd like to collect payments on your website or let your customers pay the invoice using credit card or any other payment method or accept donations by implementing a simple form on your website.

Huge Selection of Payment Methods

Accept payments in all relevant payment methods, including credit, debit cards, Paypal, direct debit and many more. wallee offers you a huge selection of integrated payment methods that can be accessed either through your existing payment processor or you simply signup for your desired payment method in your account.

Why Using Payment Links

Sell digital and physical goods by using charge flows.

Accept payments on any websites within minutes without any coding knowledge.

Accept Payments on Any Website

Turn your existing website into a web shop with just a few lines of HTML code. Accept payments on popular static content websites like Jekyll, Github Pages, Hexo and many more. This basically allows you to do this without any webhosting directly on Amazon S3 or alternative storage providers.

All currencies accepted

Payments can be accepted in all major currencies. You can either set the price for the Payment Link or let the customer define price and currency in case of donation forms.

Track Inventory / Usage

Simply set a counter or expiry on the link which makes sure that once the link is expired or it has been used the defined amount of times it cannot be used anymore. This allows you to sell remaining stocks or courses with limited availability.

Payment Links Are Included

Payment Links are included in any wallee subscription plan. You can also use it complementary to the existing product suite of wallee.

Customize the Look and Feel

Have the full control on how to style the Payment Link so it can be integrated seamlessly into your webshop. The integrated resource editor allows you to style the documents, email as well as the look and feel of the payment pages.

ERP Integrations

Customize the Payment Links simply by adding parameters to the URL. This allows you to prepare the main customer details, invoice number and amount for your customer and use it with your ERP or invoicing software to send out invoices or reminders.

Invoice Payment with QR Code

Additionally to the payment link, you can also print a QR code on your invoice documents or reminders using the Instant Invoice Payment feature and allow your customers to pay their invoice instantly using another payment method such as credit card in order to receive the goods quicker.

This will also help you reduce the amount of outstanding invoices.

Easy Implementation

The Payment Link feature is available in every wallee subscription plan. To start using Payment Links, all you need to do is to enable the feature in your space and you are able to create your Payment Links.

You can also have a look at our Github Payment Link Examples and start from there.

Check the Payment Link documentation
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Try it out!

The example shows below you can simply accept payments on any website. All you need are a few lines of HTML code and the link that is generated in wallee. The version below also provides integrated java script validation of the customer inputs.

Find more examples on github

Example: Course Registration Form

Please register and pay for the course using the link below.

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